A Fresh Start

Welcome to my new home on the internet! I hope you like what we’ve done with the place.

When I started blogging eight years ago I was not a girl, not yet a woman and Peppermint Bliss was my time, the moment that was mine, while I was in between. I am so grateful for all of the good things my little blog with the silly name brought to my life, but I wanted a fresh start as I venture out on the other side of 30.

I have for you, on this first day of 2017, a month by month shmampling of the highlights from a year full of high-highs and low-lows. As I dip my toe into this new year with a robust level of anxiety, I want my dot com to be a place to share delights. Consider this life through the gaze of the Snapchat flower crown filter. Pat Altschul’s casual kaftan. The 3rd hour of The Today Show.

I’ll be there for you, in my own special way, and I thank you for being here for me lo these many years.

And big BIG thank yous to Hanna for my slexy, high-functioning new site! I hope y’all enjoy all of the special features she cooked up for us.

Biscuit Favorites

Texas Tailgate

There is finally, FINALLY a chill in the air this week here in Houston. I am not getting my hopes up as Houston weather is known to tease you with seasonality, and then turn around and slap you with a 90 degree day in October. But I will take what…

Shmamptons x OKL

One Kings Lane came out to shoot our farm a few weeks ago for a home tour. The first time the house was shot with Country Living, I basically finished installing our furniture to meet their deadline. I think we had spent maybe 5 total nights out there!

Over the year and a half since then we have spent nearly every other weekend at the farm entertaining friends and family. We have moved some things around to best suit our needs as we have used the house, and we have collected new treasures to layer in.

It was really fun to have the One Kings Lane team to come out and capture the home as it has evolved, and now that the pictures are live, I am enjoying comparing the spaces now & then…

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