Inspiration & Translation: Clifford’s Living Room

As I go forth in the often daunting task of renovating and decorating Clifford from top to bottom, I have clung to a few sources to keep me from spinning off in a thousand different directions. My main inspiration for the living space on the first floor is this vintage circus poster Megalou gave me for Christmas this year.

The blue/gray background will be the wall color, and the greens, pinks, and yellows in the print will translate into furniture, window treatments, and accessories!

The yellow stripes will be curtains, the pink scheme is for the chairs, and the greens are the couch and accent pillows.

The green I am using on the couch didn’t show up very well in the other picture, but here you can get a better idea of what a fun, vibrant color it is.

The solid pinky/red will be used on two armchairs, while the striped fabric will be the accent pillows, bringing in the green from the couch and yellow from the curtains.

It might be kind of hard to visualize how all of this will come together, I am having trouble myself right now…Toooo many decisions! However, my HOPE is that it will turn out somewhat like this.

Or this…

Then I will be lauded as a child genius in the design community. Fame, fortune, and best friendship with Britney Spears will ensue.
Can’t see that natural chain of events? Come live inside my head for awhile. It’s wild.

Stay tuned!

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