My Work is on La Dolce Vita today.**UPDATE 2**


It works!! Go check it out!


Due to some technical difficulties the pictures on Paloma’s aren’t showing up for most of you, I emailed her to see if there is a way to fix it and hopefully they will be up soon!

Remember a few months back when I cryptically posted these images of inspiration for my latest client project?

Well the space was for my friends:

Chefs Brittany and Vaido who own an incredible catering company called Truffleberry Market here in Chicago.

They hired me to decorate the office and dining room in their new headquarters.

It was a MAJOR project as we were working against particularly charming Office Park Architecture, but I think we came up with something pretty incredible.

If you want to see the full before and (almost) after -we are still awaiting curtains and some upholstery- head on over to Paloma’s lovely blog, La Dolce Vita this afternoon!

Then come back here and tell me what a genius I am because I am feeling super needy.

22 thoughts on “My Work is on La Dolce Vita today.**UPDATE 2**

  1. OMG! LOVE big huge massive LOVE Bailey!
    Love the mirror, the console, the chandelier, the flowers, the tray, EVERYTHING! going to check out all the other juicy bits over at Paloma’s xoxo

  2. LOVE IT. Also love our fantastic decorator. Love our Truffleberry Market. You are amazing and created a beautiful vision, then made it come to life. Incredible!

  3. Hi Bailey! I just found you over at La Dolce Vita and I’m so glad I did. You’re work at Truffleberry is gorgeous and I’m really digging your blog. I’ll be following 😉


  4. hi baby! i cannot see the pics on palomas blog for some reason.i am LOVING this pic on yours tho! that mirror is fab-tastic!
    send me pics…..
    i am so proud of you BQ! xoxoxox

  5. Bailey! You knocked it out of the park here! Love the Ikea wall unit and that bar/console is ah-maze-zing! Your clients/friends must be so thrilled! Who wouldn’t be!

  6. Amazeballs Bails! Love that bar setup….Now if you would be so kind as to come help me with my place that would be FANtastic. 🙂

  7. It’s great. You did a genuinely professional job. Two quibbles:

    1. At the desk, there’s no room to move the chairs sideways.

    2. That cabinet you painted: I can see why you thought you should go light, but the original wood was a spectacular example of marquetry (geometrical patterns composed of small pieced inlays), and it was painful to see all that fine handiwork covered up with paint. If you needed a painted piece, it would have been better to get one with poor-quality or common wood.

  8. Anon: I totally agree with you about the cabinet…in its original state that wood would have been phenomenal and it would have been a crime to paint it. However, I found it on top of a wardrobe, on its side, in a junk shop where I am pretty sure it was placed after it received some sort of acid lacquer bath in the 70s. The wood was super banged up, the handles on the dresser were plastic, and the finish was this weird like bubbly yellow resin. I tried stripping the finish first to salvage it, but no puedo. Sads.

  9. p.s. You don’t have to post “anon.” when it is constructive criticism, I promise I won’t get mad 🙂

  10. I must know where you got that gorgeous mirror????? I want one?

    Great job on the space. I too just bought those office chairs…amazing…Got mine at TJ Max for $149…exactly the same…super quality.

  11. Just got back from the beach, and I’m in love! You did such a great job. The dining room is insane. Those ceiling tiles are amazing. Everything is bea-u-ti-ful. The Tilbury Lapis fabric for the office is so great. I hope we get to see the final finished photos too! The office will go up a few notches with that fabric. (and it’s already so great as it is!)

  12. Hi!

    Where oh where did you get that gorgeous white Baroque mirror? I’m looking for one to out on my vanity, and I’m in love!!!

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