Hasta La Wedding!

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Sho ’nuff is.

Pete and I are officially out of here! 9 days until The Wedding, we are going to partake in a little R&R at Lake Austin Spa for a few days before we head off to Colorado! I have some fun guest posts lined up for y’all while I am away, and I will be checking in from time to time as well. I will be back in 3 weeks, Mrs. Bailey McCarthy!

Doesn’t that just sound like a lady who likes a cocktail?

As always, thank you all so much for reading and commenting and supporting this little bloggyblog that has become a real extension of who I am. All of you readers out there make Pete think I am super cool and almost like BritneyFamous which, let’s face it, is pretty important in a relationship. I love you all and can’t wait to tell you all about the wedding!

See you in 3 weeks!

13 thoughts on “Hasta La Wedding!

  1. Okay, I mean I know you’re getting married and all BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO AT HOME FOR THREE WEEKS? “SIT HOME AND KNIT??”(parent trap quote) You are my source for being hip and cool. What the heck, Bailey? Cool. Real cool. Be all in love and have your fairytale day… selfish. I wish I could say that I don’t feel this way at all, but I do, only semi though. Congrats and have so much fun getting to be a bride and starting your new life as a wife!!

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