“Mawwage. Mawwage.” Emily A. Clark

Today’s “Mawwage…” post is brought to you by Emily of Emily A. Clark. Who blows my mind. Regularly. Not only is she super talented and owns her own decorating business, chick has 3 children, and from what I can tell her sanity as well. Miracles I think. Anyway, I love her blog and loved her post and think you all will to!



1.  My favorite memory from our wedding is the moment I walked down the aisle.  It will be ten years ago this November, but I remember it vividly. Right before the church doors opened, I remember my dad saying “all smiles–we paid too much for this wedding for you to cry” or something to that affect!  On the walk down, I just remember looking at my husband-to-be the whole time and thinking how happy I was that this moment was finally here.
2.  My favorite memory of our marriage is definitely the births of our three children.  There is no better feeling.  You think your wedding day is special until the day you have a baby.
3.  My best piece of wedding advice is just to take it all in.  Don’t get stressed about the little details once the actual day is here.  Enjoy every moment being “the bride.”  It’s your day.

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