“Mawwage. Mawwage” Lauren of Pure Style Home

Hi, It’s Lauren from Pure Style Home just popping over for a guest post while Bailey gets married!!

{A pic of me on my wedding day:  Oct 8, 2005}
Bailey’s asked us guest bloggers to tell you our favorite memory from our wedding day.  (Ok, and my answer excludes the wedding night 😉   My favorite memory is probably just dancing like a madwoman at the reception.  It’s so much fun to dance at weddings, especially when they’re playing your favorite songs!!
And my favorite memories from our marriage are probably our boys being born…  There’s nothing like a new baby and it’s amazing to when they get here…  (I am getting so cheesy on here- sorry!!)
{me & my husband a couple of weeks ago}

My wedding advice is that not everything will go as planned on the “big day,” but know that & get over it, and realize that you’re marrying the love of your life…  who cares if the party isn’t exactly as you’d envisioned?  Keep your priorities straight and nobody likes a Bridezilla.  😉  .. And also, spend as much time with your new spouse as you can.  You’ll be pulled in a million directions on your wedding day but it’s most important to spend it with him.

Ok, and this wasn’t asked but someone gave this advice to me on marriage & I think it’s good:  Always focus on making the other person happy and putting him/ her first (not yourself)…

Bailey- have a beautiful wedding and I’m so happy for you!!!

xoxo, Lauren

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  1. Lauren, you guys are a seriously adorable couple and you were a beautiful bride. I totally agree with the marriage advice–if both people concentrate on making the other happy and respecting each other things would go a lot easier. If both people focus on themselves chances are no one will end up happy.

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