“When do we get to see your Engagement Shoot?”

Some of you have asked me when you get to see our engagement photos I mentioned. And the answer is…

Right now, my loves!

But, as always, I am going to keep it real with you. That means showing you the good, bad, and very very ugly.

First of all, we LOVE our photographer, Aaron Delesie, so if the purpose of the Engagement Shoot is to get you more comfortable with your photog before the big day, well then mission accomplished. Secondly, Pete and I were just as awkward as we thought we would be. Third, I for some inexplicable reason, decided to not really shower/fluff myself up before and it kinnnddd of showed. And, please remember, I was also seriously ill.

First, the good:Cheesed but still cute.

More cute cheese.

Pete looking really hot.

…And me going, “Pete! You so hot! Peas dont leave me!!!”

But then…

The BadThere were a few where Pete looked like a pedophile, which made me feel better about my general un-photogenicness.

And now…The really ugly.

Let me just say that this series was my idea. Let me also just say that if I were a myspace blogger who put “Current Mood” at the top of each post, my “Current Mood” for the past 2 months would be HONGRAY. So perhaps going to a cupcake shop was not the best place to take lovely engagement photos. Observe.

Me: No time to pose or smile or look at the camera or WORRY ABOUT THIGH SIZED ARM, must get cupcake in mouthpiece immediately.

Pete: (Mood: Concerned) Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.Pete: Did you just take half that thing down in one bite? Did you chew?

Bailey: Huh? What? Stop distracting me.Bailey: All done. Hey Pete, are you gonna finish that?Pete: You seriously want my cookie now?

Bailey: I mean, I don’t know. I just thought you weren’t going to eat it. I am just going to stare at it though, you eat it.Pete: I am going to slow torture you and eat my cookie in appropriate, photo friendly, little bites.

Bailey: I am going to cry.
Pete: I’m not even mad. I am impressed.

Bailey: Oh shit, this is an engagement shoot. I should probably try to look like a lady. O hay!!

Annnnd Scene.

Here are our favorites though:BERNIE!!!!Look at our cute little family!Which only lasted like five seconds…

Twue Luv.

24 thoughts on ““When do we get to see your Engagement Shoot?”

  1. LOL bailey, your commentary is hysterical. i love it. but in all seriousness, the pictures are lovely! you guys look adorable. and so happy!

  2. So fun! I almost just died laughing at your commentary, but seriously, most of the pics are great. That last one is perfect. And I love that dress. So purdy.

  3. Love the last photo… Great to see how engagement pictures have changed over the years… use to be posed… and so dressy… Love the fact that now they show the character of the couple versus just a “glamor” shot of them! Love the pictures. Loved your comments on them too!

  4. Omg. I was seriously LOL’ing, you crack me up.

    but for real, your pics are adorbs. I vote for the ones with the doggies. Love it.

  5. so cute!!! it seeems you have more good than bad so thats all that really matters. but yeah, maybe the cupcakes weren’t such a good idea 🙂 just kidding! can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  6. Note to self when it comes time for our engagement shoot nom noms are probably not a good idea. You look really pretty in the others though!

    Here’s what I’m thinking so far for ours

    1. down on the farm, pics of us playing with the ponies and perching on our horse fence
    2. Cutting down our christmas tree, but do I really want to add more layers to my already fluffy frame?

  7. gawd you crack me up! Is that Sweet Mandy B’s I see?!?!? So what if the pics didn’t turn out as planned – you got to eat some darn good cupcakes! You look like a darling couple – congrats!

  8. absolutely adorable (and hilarious) Enjoy every moment of your next 3 weeks, it’s an amazing time that just flies by! Can’t wait to see your wedding pics

  9. Bailey, these are so pretty! I love both of the shots of your little family- the second one especially! And as an added bonus (for me anyway) your commentary was as always, hysterical!

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