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Hi Everyone,
You know what I like? My baby. You know what I like even more? People doing/saying nice things for/about my baby. So please welcome one of my favorite internet friends, Mackenzie of Design Darling who graciously put together this fab inspiration for baby girls room. She is the first of a couple of uber talented internet lovelies who agreed to help me out when my fabric and sanity was discontinued. Please welcome her warmly, won’t you?
Hi there, Peppermint Blissers! I’m Mackenzie from Design Darling and I’m excited to show you what I’ve been cooking up for Bailey and Pete’s baby girl. As you probably know from hours of stalking seeing pictures of the McCarthys’ wedding, you know they’re not one to half-ass a big project like their first little one’s nursery. Keeping this in mind, I’ve decided on an over-the-top orange and pink palette that I think both baby and parents will love!
Bailey and Pete decided to paint the room in Benjamin Moore’s Pure Pink. Given that I’m a 21-year-old young adult with a hot pink bedroom myself which I chose exclusively for the name, Sexy Pink, I approve of this girly choice wholeheartedly. I chose the pink stripe fabric ($13/yard) for curtains and orange gingham fabric ($6/yard) for a canopy over Baby McCarthy’s crib. (What baby needs a janky mobile when she has a pretty gingham canopy to lull her to sleep? Perhaps Pete could hang the canopy while Bailey eats bon-bons art directs?) Next I’d hang this flamingo painting ($25) on one wall and bring in Jonathan Adler’s happy chic vibe via this needlepoint letter pillow ($98). I’d tuck a luxuriously soft flokati rug ($569+) underneath baby’s curvy crib ($399) and call it a night!
Even babies need a little bling and this chandelier ($79) will do the trick. I know Bailey was hung up on this fabric but I think a couple framed panels of wallpaper ($88/roll) will add the visual depth she’s after. The white chaise ($299) will be perfect for Bailey to read bedtime stories in, best done propped up against another needlepoint number ($98). Next I’d jazz up a plain Ikea changing table ($129) with a coat of leftover paint and girly drawer pulls ($6 each) so even diaper duty feels less disgusting fabulous.

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What do you think, have we achieved full-blown baby bliss yet?!

11 thoughts on “Baby Bliss: Mackenzie of Design Darling

  1. I love, love, love this! I sort of want to swoop in and steal the flamingo print, but I also love Bailey & baby, so I’m gonna hold back. 🙂

  2. Yay! I love it when baby’s rooms are cute an sophisticated at the same time. Nice job!

  3. Fabulous nursery design boards, Mackenzie! These colors are so delightful and cheerful – a perfect mix of soft and playful! LOVE IT! xoxo

  4. Wow – Bailey – what sumptuous and fun ideas for your baby’s nursery! Someone told me about thsi blog and that she had found my flamingo print here. This lady – Jessica has now come to my store and selected the flamigo fo rherself – so thank you ! Hope all goes well..Alison

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