Clifford Before and After: Living/Dining Room

Wanna see what attracted us to Clifford, The Big Red House?

Dark, and…I don’t really know how to describe this decor.

Lovely, right?

Eventually though…This:

Became this.

But first…

It was this.

Then slowly but surely we started putting it back together.

From this…To this!

The view of the dining room standing in the living room:

And looking back towards the front of the house.

Some fun living room detail shots:

Lamps are from Furbish Studio/ Jamie Meares.Across from the dining room is Pete’s bar that he is VERY proud of: I miss utilizing this bar.

40 thoughts on “Clifford Before and After: Living/Dining Room

  1. Love it all. But again, are you two lottery winners or something? How in the heck do two youngins’ such as yourself afford this?! I DREAM of being able to redo my whole house from the studs up!!

    Vomiting with Jealousy

  2. Your home is amazing Bailey, there are so many fun little quirks that make me smile and the furnishings are gorgeous! Please tell us where your couch and ottoman are from and what fabrics you used, I am dying to know!

  3. impossible to say how much i love your home! i dream of something that has this kind of character & fabulous decor!

  4. Just love everything! You have impeccable taste! I would love to know what fabric you used for the green tufted sofa – the company and name of color. Also what the inspiration was for the design of it and who makes it.

  5. The mirrored cuckoo clock – jealousy doesn’t begin to describe my emotions. Have been coveting that baby for years. My boyfriend would die to have that well-stocked bar.

  6. What a transformation! and that BAR, heaven!!! I cannot get over how incredible your home looks. That is one lucky baby! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Christine & Koren- The couch I had made inspired by Miles Redd’s sectional in his apartment in new york. I looked up the dimensions of various couches from ballard etc. that I liked and gave them to my furniture guy in Chicago and he made it for me. The fabric is Osbourne and Little F1190-58 I believe.
    The ottoman is a ballard ottoman that I had recovered in a Brunschwig fabric. I don’t have the pattern number for it but if you have a designer or brunschwig rep and show them the picture they will know what it is!
    Thanks Guys!

  8. Love it! One question – why did you choose not to keep the stained glass window above the door? Was it original to the house?

  9. Lauren- Nope it wasn’t original. It looks kind of nice in the picture but in person you could tell it was a pretty cheap fakey, and it didn’t let in much light.

  10. That bar is making my mouth water. So glad you are sharing the before and afters! My mom and I redid a small, dark house and I WISH we had documented the process.

  11. Aymee- The artwork is a print by Nick Walker that my husband found and loved that I got him as a wedding present!

  12. Love your space! What a passionate journey to create such a lovely place to call home! The ottoman is off the charts…if you ever need anyone to babysit the leopard print piece I’m game! The sofa is wonderful, the dining room table is fabulous and oh my, your style is wonderful! Do you know your baby’s gender yet?

  13. (Whoops, that got posted too early)
    Anyway, I feel like that question is slightly rude, and none of our business. Bailey – your house is beautiful and amazing. Well done! I can’t wait to see the nursery!

  14. I agree with Leslie!

    Also, Bailey I have been following your blog for a few months now and am SO happy to see your amazing house– thanks for sharing and providing so much inspiration!

  15. Obsessed with it all. Love that you got your lamps from Furbish – it is my favorite store in Raleigh!

  16. I am not sure what my favorite part of your house is. I think I pick a new one everyday. Love the house. Love the lamb. Love the bar. Love it all!

  17. Bailey your house had great bones already but to go through all this process and build a finish, beautiful and impeccable home… I can’t say enough how much I admire you for that! I see many older houses not being taken care as deserved or being converted to modern looks and losing its characters and architectural value – so sad! I hope one day I will get to do something like you did!

    ps: I want to send you a moodboard with some ideas for the nursery, what is the best email address to reach you?

  18. This is great…love before and afters! Beautiful bones in the house, and you just enhanced it by infusing your own personal the black trim! We are building now so I so know what you have gone through..hopefully its been a labor of love??? Would love you to visit my blog too about the building of our home and my passion for decor/design…great blog!

  19. Oh my goodness, your home is GORGEOUS! I love how the black crown moldings give it a gothic feel. you did an incredible job!!

  20. Where is the fabric from on the chairs in the living room? It’s so pretty! The yellow gun chairs in the dining room are just awesome! They inspired me to do a piece of art I will hopefully have finished this weekend!

  21. Things That Sparkle- I am not ignoring you, I just asked my old boss who gave me his name if I could share em and she said she would cut my throat. And I am scurred of her. Also, I use Bairds here in Chicago for projects as well.
    A Casa d Va- I am way behind on my email but send it to [email protected] I’d love to see!

  22. Brandi- I believe it was from Brunschwig but I am not positive! I will try to remember to check it for sure and let you know!

  23. Is that a Veuve Clicquot tray that sits on your living room ottoman?? If so PLEASE tell me where you found it?!? Lovely lovely home!

  24. Amy- I found it at an antique store here in Chicago but you can usually find them by searching ebay or 1st dibs!

  25. The bar is perfect! Did you have the cabinets made for the space? If not, will you please share your source? Love it!

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