Today’s the day!

The day we have been waiting for 7 long months for.

Head on over to Rue if you want to see our home.
**The issue probably won’t be out until a bit later today, it’s the March/April Issue, I will update you when it is live!! Sorry, trust me I woke up at the crack of dawn looking for it too!**

***IT’S LIVE!!! PAGE 104!!!!!***

I am so very excited that I can finally share with you all of the hard work that went into creating our dream home, Mister Clifford, The Big Red House.

And I have to thank Alaina, for all of her help during the shoot and in life 🙂

Crystal for the opportunity to show off my digs in such a lovely publication. Adrienne for the interview, which was way more fun and way less scary than I had thought. And Emily for the beautiful pics.

Hope you guys enjoy!

80 thoughts on “Today’s the day!

  1. The new issue isnt life yet but if this picture is anything like the rest of your house its going to be incredible. I absolutely cannot wait!! Congratulations.

  2. congratulations bailey!! this is SO exciting. can’t wait to see your beautiful home. that picture is AMAZING. xo

  3. that little girl in the picture is what my nightmares look like. monkey in a dress is sometimes there too.

    but strangely i enjoy it.

  4. your house is UNREAL. i am loving the dog wallpaper in your bathroom. so cute. love. love love love. your hard work MOST CERTAINLY paid of!!

  5. WOW! This spread is absolutely stunning…I knew your house had character but these shots show how lively (and lovely) it truly is. Congratulations!

  6. What a beautiful and creative space you’ve created for your growing family! That sweet little girl is certainly going to have wonderful memories growing up in such a stunning home. Congrats to you!

    Funny thing — I’ve been thinking about creating sillhouette wallpaper of my pup for my bathroom. Great minds think alike!

  7. You have neon hangers?!? Ahhhh, where the heck do you even find those? LOVE all the quirky accessories. Love that you picked the dog wallpaper for your powder. That was an option for me too.

    If you lived closer, I’d so try breaking into your house to see MORE. Your house was my favorite part of Rue issue four. Bravo!

  8. Oh my goodness! I’m speechless! Your house is gorgeous! I love everything from the wallpaper in the bathroom to the pillows in the master, and the paintings. Its absolutely stunning. If I can ever live in a house that is 1/100 as exciting as yours is I would be so happy! Congrats on everything!!!

  9. Bailey,
    Your mother told me about your blog on my last trip to Texas and I’ve been *stalking* you for a while now. I’m coming out of the closet to congratulate you on (1) the baby and (2) the completion of your house project. SO FAB. I love the humorous details and bits of Texas you’ve included.

    Aesthetic detail:
    Is that Nina Campbell’s Birdcage Walk in your bathroom? I’ve got a similar pattern from Cole & Son called Hummingbirds in my study. It’s an 18th century print, and I’ve often wondered if NC was inspired by it.

  10. Just had to stop by and say HOLY MOLY! Your house tour was amazing!! I had high expectations but dang girl you certainly surpassed my expectations with your fabulous designs.


  11. I am completely in love with your house! Your sense of humor in the little things is divine. Want to come help me decorate my place? (I’ll be saving up for your services!) Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love! Can you tell me where I can get that gorgeous light fixture you have in your bedroom? I’m smitten! Congratulations on such an exciting thing as being featured in a magazine…I day dream of that myself, but have a long way to go!

  12. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not covet.

    Screw it. I want those gun chairs and Bern-bear, stat.

  13. Bailey! I love your home. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve been reading your blog for months, even if I had seen those pictures somewhere else I would have fallen for them! Incredible, you should feel really proud!!!

  14. Bailey, it’s gorgeous! I love absolutely every room. It was definitely worth the wait to see it. Congrats!

  15. Holy bleep! I knew it was going to be good; but wow! Please, please, please say you’ll give us the rundown on each room? The article was so well written and truly echos the same vibe I get from reading your blog on a daily basis. It’s gorgeous!!

  16. Beautiful! I love reading your blog, though I rarely comment, but this required me to come out of my perpetual lurking to say “well done!”

  17. Oh my gosh, Bailey. It is absolutely perfect. It was so worth the wait! Congratulations.. I believe this is just the beginning of endless good fortune for you and your growing family!

  18. Bailey- your home is simply fantastic. I honestly can say that it was the most inspiring feature in this edition of RUE. Truly and totally had my mind reeling with ideas! I LOVE IT! Congrats

  19. Congrats! Loved it. The house is so you–fun, stylish and with a great sense of humour. My two fave pieces are the blue sofa (I’ve always had a thing for that fabric in that shade) and the inlaid table your TV is on.

  20. Bah! It’s gorgeous! I love your bathrooms, and your closet. Sooo fun, I can’t wait to see how your baby girl’s room turns out!

  21. Bailey! It was truly an honor to feature your home in Rue! We are lucky to have you grace the pages of our 4th issue. Your home continues to inspire me each time I go back to it….which is often!

  22. Loved the spread!! It’s definitely worth the wait to see and has given me a lot of inspiration! 🙂 ps. has anyone told you that your hubs looks a bit like a young Sterling from Mad Men in that pic??

  23. Love it! It was definitely worth the wait. And I love that your home is injected with your personality and sense of humor.

  24. Omg, I am SO IN LOVE with your house!! I LOVE the way you injected humor into your decor. LOVE IT!!! I love all the wallpaper and mix-matched prints and patterns everywhere. And your closet!!! I DIED! Your baby is so lucky. And that picture of you & Petey is the best. Your blank expressions and Pete holding the sandwich is hilarious. I love it. You rock.

  25. WOW!!!!! I am absolutely in love with your house. Congrats! Love your blog too….first time on here (yes I know, little begind on blogs)…but you are definitelly on my blog roll now 🙂

  26. WOWser-oos! It’s AMAZING and…my dream home. It is so “fancy” but fun, cozy, and inspiring too! Yay for you!

  27. A belated congrats on your feature. Your house looks like such a fun one in which to live. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  28. Bailey I’m so impressed by your house! You really did such a wonderful job and I’m sure that it’ll be a great business card for Quin B Studio. Also, your closet, I die.

  29. Don’t even know what to say. The originality and personality in your home is pure, well, just pure. And I would love, love Mr. Sheep to come live in my home. Just hilarious.

  30. I seriously think your house might just be my favourite magazine spread house EVER- I love every single solitary detail and I think your style is exactly the look I gravitate towards- honestly, I’ve gone back like 20 times already but I just can’t get enough- simply divine in every possible way!!!

  31. Zowie! Clifford is a stunner! I understand that you are super busy what with growing a person inside you an’ all… but it would be stupendous to see some before/after shots. I went looking for befores in your archives but none of the pictures worked! Love love love the blog. Truly.

  32. wow, bailey, it stood out from the rest of the mag. gorgeous and authentic and humorous! i love the quote about listening to your own voice. congratulations! get ready for herds of clients! xo

  33. Bailey the house is so wonderful! Before the pictures of your bathroom would you believe I’d never seen a shower curtain arranged with an entrance through the center of the tub…only ever by pushing the curtain to one side or the other!

    The whole house is just great, major props on the sheep. Can’t wait to see the bitty baby room all finished!

  34. Bailey, your house looks so chic and fun.. I really like you brass elephant. I actually have a similar one.. By the way I just blogged about our it..

  35. Dear Bailey – Have been reading and thoroughly enjoying your blog for some time as your sense of humor is so winning – what an exciting journey your home has been on and huge, huge congratulations – your home is so true to “you” and you completely deserves the coverage. it was certainly one of the highlights of this issue. bisous.

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