I declare this the Best HB Issue of the Year

And you’re prob like, oh no way is this chick going to take pictures of a magazine with her phone and call it a post.

And I’m like, oh yes I am.

And not just because I am a slacker, it’s really good y’all! And you need to know about the delightful treats that await you if you go out and by it.

These kinda rule, right?

Which you should.

I mean can you even imagine an image I would love more? I can’t.

It’s the small space issue, so there are squillions of delightful small homes and apartments and I think I just like the small spaces featured in magazines better. It’s like great design ideas that are actually super thoughtful, not just ‘spensive. And concentrated in teensy rooms with huge impact. The small space issue last year was phenomenal as well, remember the one with that awesome David Kaihoi space we discussed last week? Another Miles protege, Nick Olsen, has a petite space (300 sq feet) in the issue which I unsurprisingly love. He used a mexi serape on that fab chair, and one of these days imma copy hims.

There was also this badass wee kitchen that I adore. It might just be my dream kitchen, even considering the dimensions.

I feel like we are right on the verge of pain in the ass First Adapter types being “over” black. I will not be over black. Ever.

Look at these peoples fabulous jewely barware!


And there is lots more in there that will tickle your fancy, get it girl.

18 thoughts on “I declare this the Best HB Issue of the Year

  1. Totally agree! House Beautiful killed it with this issue! The cottage was my favorite – chock full of smart ideas!

  2. Totally agree! House Beautiful killed it with this issue. The 1400 sq ft cottage was my favorite – chock full of smart ideas!

  3. I totally agree! I can’t get enough of this issue! I love the room where they used Madeline Weinrib dhurries on the side chairs.

  4. Fab issue! I love decorating small spaces. The styling in this issue is fantastic! Hope you’re surviving the Texas heat in all your preggo glory! Don’t feel guilty about luxuriating in front of the TV in an air conditioned room eating ice cream.

  5. I have been following your blog for the past couple of months now while stumbling upon it one day and I just want to start off by saying i ABSOLUTELY adore your blog, your designs/ideas, and your sense of humor. So of course I have to ask, wheres a good place in Houston to pick up good quality furniture that is shabby chic or even some of your favorite online websites? Seems to me every time I seem to find someplace I might be interested in the reviews are terrible as far as quality and service goes or is that just typical?

  6. Oh how I WISH I could get it – but they don’t sell it where I live 🙁 My Mom was Stateside last month and brought me back the June issue, but oh how I wish I had this month’s one!

  7. Agreed, in fact it is possibly the best issue out of any printed design magazine that has come out in a while!

  8. Serape. noted.

    And who’s over black? NEVER. ever ever will I be over black. I should have a black panther tattooed on my chest. Well, that might send the wrong message. But I do love black. a lot.

  9. Agreed, agreed as well. Bill Ingram’s cottage in Birmingham was my favorite! I would KILL for his kitchen cabinets — they were completely gorgeous. His Lake Martin lake house was in Cottage Living a few years ago and it was gorg too.

  10. My jaw dropped reading that article! I want to go there! Actually it’s a must!
    PS. you and your “first born” are just too cute!!

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