I found pictures of my baby nursery! So trippy.

Preparing for Girly McBaby has made me super nostalgic for my own babyhood.

While searching for hidden treasure in our attic the other day, my mom and I came across a photo album of the house I grew up in. Not pictures of us in the house, like my dad had shot it as though for a magazine and put together an album for my mom for Christmas. We moved from the house when I was in Kindergarten and it was so fun to get to take a look back through the rooms from more of a design/architecture perspective- especially my own baby nursery!

I have said many times that I get my love for design from my mom, and these pictures really prove it.

These are a few of my favorite rooms:

I remember this dining room so well. The previous owners had installed Gracie wallpaper that my mom had antiqued.

It’s crazy to me how much this room still holds up 20 years later! So trendy with the painted mouldings. The archway on the left led to the living room, while the doorway to the right… Led to this sort of library/bar room.

Again with the “on trend” high gloss green paint. These pictures have faded, it was a much more vibrant not quite emerald, more olivey green.

Now my baby room.

It is crazy for me looking at these pictures while planning Girly McBaby’s nursery.

Obviously the most important thing about a nursery is the nugget in it, but for a nester like myself- and I suspect my mother as well- creating the perfect space is a way of showing your love.

I so remember every detail of this room. The bow wallpaper, and the Beatrix Potter scenes framed above my crib. My porthault upholstered Big Girl Bed! I also remember that my mom got her hands on a constellation book and put some of the constellations on my ceiling with glow in the dark stars.

I can’t believe it is my turn now, and I really hope I can create a space for Girly McBaby that she remembers as fondly as I do my first bedroom and home.

Do you remember your first bedroom? What were your favorite elements in your nursery/childhood bedroom?

16 thoughts on “I found pictures of my baby nursery! So trippy.

  1. I love reminiscing and browsing through the old albums. It’s the best. I can’t remember much from my own room when I was a child, only that me and my sister insisted on a yellow wallpaper and purple carpet (not sure about this color combiation:)). But we moved houses as well so the yellow room only exists in the pictures and our memories. looking forward to seeing your ow baby’s nursery:)best wishes!

  2. pink and red hearts… from your nursery to GMcB’s! my bedding looked exactly like your bow wallpaper…pink and white bows for days, god bless it.

  3. So Cute! Love the bow wallpaper! I noticed the talking Mother Goose on your bed. I had one too! : ) Brings back memories.

  4. I would take that dining room now! My nursery was yellow since my mom never knew what she was having. I had to wait until I was in kindergarten to get a girly pink room.

  5. I had Beatrix Potter and talking mother goose too!! I can remember putting the cassette in under her wing for her to tell me a story. I loved her!!

    You look like such a such a princess in your robe and crown. Being a spoiled little girl is the best!! I was say I’m spoiled but not rotten. You’re going to have so much fun with this little creature!!!

  6. Holy Toledo, Sister! We had the *exact* same crib. Please tell me your mom also had the rocker and three drawer dresser! My mom still has all that furniture tucked away in her basement so that I can have it when I start incubating little strangers :).

  7. Wow! Your childhood home was beautiful! My first bedroom probably looked like a Sears catologue childrens bedroom shot from the late 1980s. Purple and white unicorns on my bedding, pillows and curtains. I think she bought the whole set! Did I mention matching purple walls? Not sure what my mother was thinking. I am not sure that photos exist of my nursery, I’ll have to try to hunt them down

  8. Omg you were a cute little lady! Love the Porthault hearts! Nurseries are by far the most fun room to decorate because they are done with so much love and excitement. Your bebe is going to be so precious 🙂

  9. Adorable! All I remember from my early bed rooms was this fabulous toddler bed I had. It was a pink plastic bed and the head board was made to look like a house so that it had a blue plastic roof on the head board only and it also had green plastic shutters that opened to a little cubby. I loved it! Im sure your daughter will adore her room. Take tons of pictures for her!!!

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