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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on Gracie’s surgery. Bailey and I went down to see Gracie this morning at 7 am and she was really alert and seemed calm and happy. The anesthesiologists came and spoke with us before they took her into surgery around 8:30. We got our first update from the OR nurse at 10:30 that they had just started and we would be updated every hour. At 11:30 they called to say that our surgeon had begun the procedure resecting the tumor from her back side. Because the tumor had a large internal component we had been told that they would need to make an incision in the front and the back to completely remove and reconstruct the affected areas. They called again at 12:30 to let us know it was still going well, but that they thought it would be a few more hours. At 2:30 Carmen, our nurse coordinator who has been with us since our first visit at TCH came up to our room and told us it was time to go see our baby.
We went down to the NICU and were soon joined by our Doctor who brought with him pictures of the surgery. Although they had planned to do the two incisions, as they started resecting and draining the tumor from the back, the internal component started draining and coming out as well. Nothing short of a miracle. He said he was pleased with the muscles that had developed and felt confident that they were able to reconstruct Gracie so that they don’t expect she should have many long term consequences. The incision looks very clean and we believe it will heal well without too much scarring as well. 
As we were thanking the Doctor profusely he said, “Don’t thank me, thank God, that is who I work for”.
I know our family has experienced a miracle performed by all of the amazing doctors here at Texas Children’s Hospital and St. Luke’s, facilitated by the incredible prayers and support of all of you, and the Grace of God. We are so thankful and so happy and so in love with our little girl. Thank you all for lifting her up these past few months, and carrying us every step of the way. We are continuing to pray for a speedy recovery, but are just so relieved that this huge hurdle has been overcome.
The McCarthy’s
*Update* Pete and I went down to say goodnight to Gracie last night after we had written this, and spoke to the nurses for a bit. She was supposed to come back intubated from the surgery so that they could help her continue to breathe- which is sometimes hard for infants after such an ordeal and under strong pain medication. When they brought her back Gracie had either removed her breathing tube on her own or it had fallen out- and she was breathing strong on her own. The nurses keep commenting that they cannot believe how strong she is, and how calm and peaceful she seems. She rarely cries and has the sweetest, wise presence about her. I also attribute this to all of the prayers and good energy being sent her way. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of Grace! She is gorgeous! I have never commented before but have been following your blog for a while and have been sending prayers for her safe arrival and surgery, so glad to hear it is all going well. All the best for her recovery and hope you are all home together soon! x

  2. Such fabulous news – and such a beautiful baby girl! Grace was my grandma’s name, and she just passed away a couple of months ago. I am so happy to see a fresh, new Grace in the world – and one so blessed with a fabulous set of parents, too!

  3. Aww, what a sweet, BRAVE little girl!!! She looks so awake and bright in that pic above!!! So happy that everyone made it through! 🙂

  4. Happy tears! Happy tears! Thanks for keeping us updated; I’ve been thinking about you three since yesterday, praying everything went okay. So relieved. I’ll keep baby Grace in my prayers until she’s all the way through.

  5. Best news ever! So happy to hear that all went well. Grace is so beautiful and such a special little baby!

  6. I am keeping you, Pete and Grace in my prayers. So thankful that the surgery went so well. She is blessed to have such wonderful, loving parents, and I know she is such a blessing to you. Thanks for sharing this part of your life and letting us be able to keep you lifted in prayers during this time. God Bless!

  7. Amazing! I was thinking about little Gracie all day yesterday and am so happy her surgery went well. She’ll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. Agreed – more happy tears over here for you. Congratulations on the successful surgery and here’s to a speedy and full recovery. I’m sure there’s a chapel at the hospital where it might be worth popping by for a thank you ;). amazing grace.

  9. Tears of joy! I had no idea how much your story was affecting me until I read this post and burst into tears. I’ve been praying for y’all every day! She is a special, precious little lady. So happy for y’all!

  10. What wonderful news! I thought of you guys so much yesterday and sent good vibes towards little Grace. She seems so alert in that picture, what an amazing strong little lady! Keep up the good work, little G!

  11. This is amazing news. It made me so happy to read this. Her eyes have such an amazing calm and beauty to them. You and Pete are so strong and I am you and Gracie all of my thought and love.

  12. i’ve been checking back constantly to see what has happened – couldn’t be happier and more excited for the two of you!!! she is darling and even more importantly, happy and healthy! you all have been through so much and i am so glad that your precious girl is ok! enjoy the beginning day of parenthood – you both will be fantastic. xo

  13. Such wonderful news! God is good and so are great doctors!! Prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery!

  14. TEARS of JOY! What fabulous news! I will continue to pray for Grace to have speedy recovery and that the three of you are home together soon! God is so good!

  15. Tears filed my eyes this morning when I read about your darling Amazing Grace. She has been in my prayers for months and she will remain in them. You are such beautiful amazing parents and she will be so loved (as she is by everyone that is reading about her) I said it before and I will say it again God is Good.

  16. I’m so happy for you. Grace is truly an angel, and I know her strength comes from the two of you. I’ll be praying that you both have quick recoveries so you can all be home together soon!

  17. I am so happy to hear this news. I’ve been thinking about your family since your first post about gracie’s tumor, as I was 20 weeks pregnant myself and was so touched by your positive spirit and strength. I am so happy it went well and she is ok. I will continue to pray for her recovery.

  18. I’ve read your blog so long and never commented, but I HAVE been praying for your family. The previous commenter is right…our God IS good! What an amazing blessing and miracle sweet Grace is! Continuing to pray for a speedy recovery!

  19. THANK GOD for answered prayers!!! What a sweet, sweet girl you have. I am so thankful to read that Grace is doing so well, and that the surgery went even better than expected. You three will still be in my prayers! xoxo

  20. Amen! I can only imagine how you felt during the long wait. I am so happy that things went well and little Grace is showing her strength. Will continue to pray for a smooth recovery.

  21. You have the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen. Seriously. She has such a presence about her. She definitely has the grace of God working through her. May you be surrounded by love in happiness in the coming days <3!! Your family and Grace will be in all my thoughts and prayers.

    “Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul” — You can definitely see Grace's soul shining!! 🙂

  22. What fabulous news!! It makes me beyond happy to know you are all doing so well! Will keep the three of you in my thoughts!

  23. I am so happy that all is going well for baby Grace and your family. I know what it is like to have an infant in the hospital and there are just no words for how much kind thoughts and prayers will help your family. I am continuing to pray for ya’ll daily.

  24. Such fantastic news! I wish little Miss Gracie a speedy and healthy recovery process and I wish you and Pete some peace of mind and some time to relax.

  25. I’m so happy that the surgery went well, and that Grace is on the road to recovery! I cried some happy tears with my coffee at work this morning!!

  26. That might be the most beautiful little face I have ever seen. So, so happy to hear your little girl is doing well. A million happy thoughts coming your way, Bailey.

  27. So happy and relieved to hear the good news. What a sweet baby. Praying for a quick recovery! God bless!

  28. Thank you for the great news! I love the current picture, it speaks a 1000 words and more. Prayers, prayers, prayers!

  29. Ive been following your story about little Grace’s life, and haven’t commented on anything, but i couldn’t help but cry when i read this. My husband had complications when he was first born and almost died, so this in some way feels close to home.
    He was meant to be here on earth, and I am forever thankful to God for his miracle on my soulmate.
    I LOVE that your doctor works for God!!
    God has a plan and a future for you guys and your baby girl to do wonderful things. What a miracle!!!!!!!! God is good.

  30. I have never commented on Peppermint Bliss before (even though I check it, oh, you know, religiously), but I have commented three times in the last four days to let you know that I am sending you and yours amazing, fabulous, sunny, joyous vibes! Gracie clearly has both strength and grace . . . What a wonderful update! Stay strong! xo

  31. Such wonderful news for a beautiful Grace!!!!!!! You have all been in our thoughts and prayers this week!! Sending much love to your precious family from our household in Aspen, Greg Fourticq, George, Henry, Keith, and Sara

  32. Happy Happy news! Now we are praying for some fast healing for Grace so she can go home!

  33. Happy tears here as well. She is in my thoughts as are you both. Yay for many successes and cheers to many more wonderful days!

  34. I am so thrilled to know that Grace is doing so WELL…..I hope that you will take comfort in reading all these comments from “faux friends” and know that so many of us out here follow your fab blog and life and feel like we know you! My heart has been aching for you and Pete-and I am so relieved to read your post and hear that the surgery was a success! I am continuing to pray for a speedy recovery for Grace! From Charlotte, NC!!!

  35. Weepy Lady here singing praises to this miracle little angel you have, and to The Man who gives us poor souls a peek at His Greatness.

  36. Thank you for the update-so happy Gracie is doing so well! Wishing her a speedy recovery-sounds like you have a great team working to take care of her. I love the new pic:) Keeping you guys in our fam’s prayers.

  37. Thank God!!We prayed all day yesterday!What a strong,beautiful girl!!
    Thank you for posting an update,I must have asked Cat 20 times yesterday if she had heard any news!
    I hope you and Pete can get some much needed rest now!I am sure the proud parents are extremely exhausted.
    Get used to all nighters now though.They come with children!LOL!

  38. What a beautiful little baby girl. She looks so sweet and peaceful. Prayers to baby Grace for a quick recovery!

  39. What a great post – so happy for you guys. I’d be lying if I said my eyes didn’t well up. What a precious little girl!

  40. What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations. prays coming your way for continue health.

  41. praise God for whom all blessings flow….the power of prayer is evident in this miracle! i’m so thankful that He loves our children even more than we possibly could and is the Great Physician! i am thankful for doctors, with gifted and skilled hands that, like pete quoted, work for God. i pray for continued healing and through all this that you will be closer to God, grace’s creator & healer.

  42. Wonderful wonderful news!!! Congratulations and what a beautiful baby! My prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery! So very happy for your family!

  43. crying b/c I am sooo happy for you and your beautiful little family! Amazing Grace she is!!! Prayers paid off again!!!

  44. So happy for little Grace! She is a strong little miracle. She has so much love and support pulling her through. You guys are going to be the best family!

  45. So happy for you guys! She’s beautiful and obviously strong like her mama! Sending much happiness your way.

  46. Thanks for keeping us all updated – so happy to hear it’s going well! Will continue to send lots of good energy Gracie’s way!

  47. Thanks for keeping us all updated – so happy to hear it’s going well! Will continue to send lots of good energy Gracie’s way!

  48. yay!!! what a miracle… a heart-warming, faith-building, tiny precious pink miracle. she is totally edible and i wish i could give her the biggest kisses on those sweet cheeks. love the dr’s comment…that’s the kind of guy you want operating on your child! i’m so thrilled for y’all and will keep sweet grace in my prayers (as well as her mommy and daddy)

  49. God is so good! I will keep praying that God continues to bless your family and that many will see His good works through your experience.

    P.S. I’m sure it’s not just me, but that is one of the cutest newborns I have ever seen!

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