Guess who is home??

Gracie Girl got to come home from the NICU yesterday on her 2 week birthday!

Daddy has never driven so slowly in his whole life.

We are so happy to have her home…

…And are very very sleepy. We are. Gracie is not. Gracie is too excited about her new digs to sleep.

The pupperz are adjusting well. Or adjusting at least, Bernie kind of seems like he has had a psychotic break of some sort. Riding a major wave of anxiety.

Bella is so protective, like Nana from Peter Pan ‘cept lit’ler.

Now we are going to start trying to transition back to a new version of reality.

Thank you all so much for your support during the toughness. Now it is time for the JOY!

** UPDATE: I have already received one comment about this so I wanted to clear it up before I get 20 more. The pillow already came out of the crib, the stuffed animals are securely attached to the bars of the crib- one is actually a noise maker- and the bumpers will be coming out as soon as she gets a little stronger. Thank you for the heads up, we have the crib safety thing under control, but we certainly don’t want to do anything to hurt Gracie Girl. Which became evident last night after the 1000th time I tip toed in there just to make sure she was still breathing.**

32 thoughts on “Guess who is home??

  1. Now IS the time for joy! Praise the Lord! She looks so so comfortable and blissful and pure. Her crib might be the most luscious space I have ever seen. I love you Bailey!

  2. YAY!!!! Congrats!!!! : D She looks so adorable in her crib, and you would never, ever guess from looking at her that she had surgery after birth. What a sweet little blessing!

  3. congratulations on bringing your little girl home at what seems much sooner than what you expected. i am glad she is healing well!!

    and from the bottom of my heart in the most sincere way, please check with your pediatrician about sleep recomendations for infants regarding pillows, crib bumpers and stuffed animals in the bed.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! So excited that the scary times are over! Let the fun begin! She looks perfectly at home in her fancy pad!

  5. Bailey and Pete!! Congratulations. She is beautiful and looks so at home in her new digs. Thank you so much for sharing these special times with us

  6. I was totes thinking of George Darling and Nana in the nursery when I saw that pic. Stellar Peter Pan reference- Obvi you’re a great mom!

  7. Gracie Bell – so precious.

    the pillow – which i understand needed to be removed – is SUPER adorable,too.

  8. What a wonderful 2 week birthday present for your family. Congratulations and see you soon!

  9. Ah yay! Congrats on finally being able to bring your precious little bundle home. Enjoy every single second of her… even those late night ones where you wish you were sleeping! 😉

  10. Hip hip hooray for that little peach! Look at those sweet cheeks– I can’t wait to see her soon. Good job, mom and dad.

  11. Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful and looks so happy and healthy! You look beautiful also!!!

  12. hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!! she looks so fresh and presh! can’t wait to get home and squeeze her! coming at you from south africa…xoxo godmamita laurita

  13. YAY for the McCarthy family finally being united under one roof. How exciting for you all! She is such a little love – I know you weren’t sure what she was going to look like since you and Pete are such opposites but she is gooooorgeous! I love that dark hair.

    Congrats! I’m still praying for all of you. 🙂

  14. Are you telling me that one cannot have bumpers or little fluffy stuffed guys in a crib anymore? How did you /we all survive? Do bumpers suffocate? I am totally out of the baby loop and need some refreshin’! Dazed and confused….congrats on building GQ a dream crib though! Welcome to Inwood , Baby girl!Will be payin you a visit real soon!

  15. Helen- nope! No more accoutrements for a babycita cribside. Pure and spartan for safety.

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