Mr Banks Before&After: Family Room and Powder Room

SO excited for y’all to see this, the Family Room was one of the only spaces not properly represented on the D*S feature, so hold on to your boobies, this is exciting.

The family room was basically in the same space as the kitchen before, but it was closed off because of the way the cabinetry was configured. By tearing out those cabinets and opening it up, we have the brightest kitchen and family room now. We also flip flopped the seating and dining furniture arrangement from how it was.

Family Room



Β Before




…And another. I mean that couch. licklicklicklick it like a lollypop.


After, The tulip chairs are vintage and I got them for a great deal. Normally I wouldn’t advocate the matching dining set, but here, I think I can deal with it.

Powder Room


After…It’s my favorite wallpaper that you may recognize from our Chicago house. We had a lot leftover from that, and I am thrilled we got to use it again.



Ok, as usual, ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Tomorrow I am going to post the playroom and laundry room, that also wasn’t featured in the D*S spread and is pretty exciting for a laundry room…I think anyway. Then next week we will do the bedrooms and bathrooms!

I hope this isn’t dragging on too much, I am trying to get through everything in a timely manner for you fine people!

54 thoughts on “Mr Banks Before&After: Family Room and Powder Room

  1. It’s not dragging on at all – it’s like getting to unwrap a lovely present every morning! I will be so sad once it’s over :). Amazing transformation, you are some kind of wall

  2. It’s not dragging on at all – it’s like getting to unwrap a lovely present every morning! Amazing transformation, you are like some sort of wallpaper genius, for real.

  3. So gorgeous – keep the pictures coming! I want to kidnap you and have you decorate my house. Question unrelated to this room – from where did you purchase the mirrored cabinet/nightstand in your chicago master bedroom?

  4. O good lord I love this! The kitchen the couch that looks like pure sugar goodness those chairs. I love the whole lay out and that you switched stuff up!

  5. Hi Bailey!

    I would love to hang my TV over the fireplace like you did, but where can I hide the DVR box & DVD player? Also, may I ask where you bought that beautiful basket holding the firewood in your living room? Thanks!!

  6. This is stunning, the whole house is really beautiful. I have to ask, as I ALWAYS wonder this when flipping through your site as well as decor magazines…WHERE IS YOUR TV?! They are never shown and between dvd players, cable boxes, receiver units for speakers, that crap is not easy to hide…soooo where are you hiding it? how do you make it blend but still functional (as if you block those thing like in a cabinet you would have to open it everytime you’d use it and thus it would be almost constantly open!)

  7. love love love! so bright!
    can you do a massive “where i got it” post, or section on your blog? im sure you know of a ton of places to shop..and i want in on the secret πŸ™‚

  8. In one of the pictures, there is a delightful sliver of a bright green wall. I must know if you’re going to show this area???

    Everything is absolutely amazing!!!

  9. Ditto on the whole TV situation. That stuff is almost never shown or talked about. I am actually struggling with what to do with our cable box right now. I had this vision of my tv hung on the wall all pretty like then, oh yeah, that dumb box!

  10. My laptop went kaput a few days ago and I just set up my new one last night, so I’m obviously way behind on all this, but holy hell, Bailey, this is so insanely good. Every room; every detail.

    If you’re not featured as the most important up-and-coming designer of our generation in the next issue of every design magazine, I will lose all faith in them. You are a superstar. Thanks for sharing your creations with us!

  11. your backyard looks amazing! Do you have any before and afters of it or did you not change anything outside? I loved the way you outfitted Clifford’s outside area.

  12. Such a fun, playful bathroom! I love it! Where are the white side tables from? Can’t wait to see what kind of art you add to the yellow walls around the table.

  13. I. Die. I am absolutely obsessed with both rooms shown today. So happy and bright. Such a refreshing change of pace from shabby chic that is seen again and again and a freaking again today. Luuuvvzzz it.

  14. I get so excited for your posts every day this week as LOVE LOVE LOVE your home. It’s amazing how much brighter and more fun it looks with your changes which were mostly cosmetic

  15. Bailey, you are so talented! Thanks for givng us a peek at your new home, we’re all thoroughly enjoying it.

  16. It just keeps getting better!!! Do you plan on showing pics of the exterior and backyard landscaping? I would love to see what you cooked up for the outdoor spaces!

  17. Before & Afters are my FAVOURITE! Keep em coming πŸ˜€ Perhaps more this afternoon?! I am compiling my favourites to do a blog post, so i can’t wait to get them all. You did a FAN freaking TASTIC job. Such a transformation.


  18. Is that TILE in the living room in the before pictures? My feet got cold just looking at it! The wood flooring you put in is beautiful.

  19. Loooove. This area is so happy and fun. The little couch is adorable, and I am drooling over the rug. In the dining area, the gnomes on the table are hysterical! The set is bangin’, don’t worry about it being too matchy, because it’s not. Are you planning on putting a rug down there or hanging any art on the walls? Could be fun.

  20. Love it! I have forever had the navy blue hicks vases wallpaper “saved” as my kitchen paper and I have not ordered it yet… it was on my “list”. These happy images makes me think… what about the yellow?! I called the showroom and asked them to mail me a sample. Plus, it would be “stellar” with the new Lily Pulitzer for LJ line… which is ultra happy! I think that you should ask Jenny (MFAMB) to paint you something fab for your dining room nook!

  21. I might have to start cyber-stalking you just a bit as I think you are a total genius! Each room is more amazeballs! I can’t even stand it! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  22. Just discovered your site through Design Sponge. You are fantastic! I love your humor and you are obviously very good at what you do! Congrats from a fellow Texas gal living in Switzerland. πŸ˜‰

  23. Who are you using to do your yummy upholstery in Austin? The only one that I have found that really “gets” my aesthetic (which is a lot like yours) is super spendy. I’d like to find other options if possible.

  24. NOT NOT NOT dragging at all! I love everything about these posts. I gobbled them up when you did clifford last year and am doing the same with mr. banks! I cant get enough. I love your style and you are such an inspiration all the time for my design brain. i just love it. such a fantastic job, keep the posts coming!

  25. Can you please give some info on your floors? The run seemlessly and are a nice shade of dark brown. Are they the same throughout the house/all rooms? Thank you.

  26. Can you please give some info on your floors? The run seamlessly and are a nice shade of dark brown. Are they the same throughout the house/all rooms? Thank you.

  27. Hold on to your boobies! LOL! Girl you crack me up.

    And drag this out as long as possible, please. I am loving these daily doses of McCarthy house porn!

  28. LOVE just about everything so far! A boring question, but where did you find the lucite (or acrylic) coffee table? Am on the hunt for something similar and would love first-hand recs.

  29. Hardwoods- I gots no idea! Sorries!
    Firewood basket is from west elm
    TV Situation- We have a home network, so all of our cable boxes etc are in a cabinet in the laundry room and are wired through the ceiling to the TVs
    White side tables we got on our honeymoon and were from Mecox
    Changed a lot in the yards, might share those next week!
    Lucite coffee table is CB2, great deal so we love it, but it is pretty lightweight and slips a bit.
    AND also planning on rug/art in the dining area but don’t want to hammer into wallpaper for just anything, so taking our time finding the right thing.
    Also, rug in the seating area is antique!

  30. Where did you get that gorgeous wallpaper in your living room? Your whole house is amazing, I look forward to these posts every morning!

  31. I love all the before and after – where is the dog wallpaper from? I have to have it

  32. Hi Bailey! I just ADORE every one of your homes you’ve designed. I don’t know if you’re still answering questions on the Before & Afters but I’d LOVE to know what fabulous fabric you used on the lollipop couch. It’s stunning. Thanks so much! Keep working your magic, it’s so fun to watch!

  33. Where can I buy that dog wallpaper? In the process of doing a room in black and white and I LOVE that wallpaper.

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