Now THIS is some Italian design I can get with…

As we all know, in my personal opinion, traditional Italian design is a little trixie to replicate. Or maybe I have seen too many examples that missed the mark on the various Housewives. Either way, it’s never been my particular flavor until…

THIS kind of Italian design, however, I can get behind.

I am having a major deco moment in my personal life.

And our hotel in Portofino is bringin it for me.

I can hardly even speak about the greatness of the bar.

It is so old school but still totally current.

Yes I will sit right there and enjoy a gimlet, thank you sir!

Even the doors to the rooms are delightful.

Every single door, one right after the other, all lined up like pageant queens in the bikini contest with their two tone blue paint, moulding, and gold hardware.

And then…

Then there is this.

My heart literally jumped into my throat when I happened upon this corner of heaven.

The colors are insane.

And the details.

It is like Schumacher Butterflies made wild passionate love with an older DeGournay gentleman and created the most beautiful wallpaper baby of all time.

No seriously, I literally played out a whole scenario where sassy sexy young Schumacher walked into the dimly lit bar and saw DeGournay, 20 years her senior but aging well. She sat next to him and asked him what he was drinking. DeGournay lifted his glass to his lips and without looking at her said only, Scotch. Schumacher tells DeGournay she doesn’t know anything about whiskey, and DeGournay looks at her and goes, “there is a lot I could teach you”. They passionately embrace, rubbing their beautiful hand painted paper together, and then that pretty little baby, we’ll call her DeSchu, was born.

I am bizarre.

And have also recently read 50 Shades of Gray.

So there’s that.

If anyone happens to know the actual provenance of that unbelievable wallpaper, I would be greatly appreciative.

11 thoughts on “Now THIS is some Italian design I can get with…

  1. Splendido and villa deste?! Now I am jealous! I have wondered about that wallpaper, too! Hope that everyone is feeling better!

  2. Holy hell…I literally just died over that paper- your story to go with was hilarious- so funny and you’re right, it’s a total love child of those two other papers.

  3. Great post! Stayed there last year and loved it. Hope you bought yourself some of the signature pottery for your house!

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