Secrets Secrets Are No Fun…

And neither is blogging when you have them. It is hard to think about things to talk to you about when I am holding back on sharing the biggest things I have going on.

It’s like blah blah blah, interesting tidbit I have to figure out how to inflate into a whole post, blah blah blah, I HAVE SECRETS!!!!

And I am not keeping secrets to be annoying or coy or to build excitement, I just can’t share them until a certain date (gimme like 2 weeks) and so right now I have a major case of writers block.

I mean, I could talk to y’all about Gracie’s upcoming 1st Birthday! That would be fun, and I will.

Like for instance, we had the first of a few birthday soirees with her this weekend. This one was with our Chicago family. I will show you more later when I have all the pics.

Basically, what I am trying to tell you is, don’t expect too much from me over these next few weeks. I will check in when I can with pertinent information, but there is no sense in wasting you good peoples time and mine by trying to turn my love of this:

Into a whole post.

But it’s pretty, nonetheless. So there you go.

When I have something good, I will talk to y’all about it. Until then, I need some space. It’s not you, it’s me. I will be back full time soon when I can meet your emotional needs in this relationship.

Sound good?

24 thoughts on “Secrets Secrets Are No Fun…

  1. Bailey! You look really skinny in this picture! Your face looks super trim- it’s a great shot!

  2. Pregnant? Oh, now that makes sense! Whenever I hear someone say “I have secrets” I think of Laura Palmer, and the White Lodge and the log lady and all kinds of weirdo David Lynch characters. But I guess that’s just me. Or I thought Bailey had a decor TV show…maybe it’s a baby and a show…?!?

  3. Going to miss you and will anticipate your return, hopefully with the baby news !!!!

  4. What happened to the backyard before and afters? I’d love to see some of those : )

  5. I’m thinking your surprise has something to do along the lines of work, like some huge joint project with a retailer – mag or even television. You can’t tell us yet bc you signed some no chatty patty clause – do tell

  6. I’m not so certain you’re preggo as you have posted an awful lot of photos of yourself enjoying some champs in the last several weeks. Unless perhaps those were just a red herring . . .

    But I do think you’re moving back to Chicago as I recall some mention of Peter taking the Illinois bar exam.

  7. I’m excited for whatever your news is! 🙂 And, I’d have a REALLY hard time not telling everyone. At least you can tell Gracie all your secrets, they are safe with her!

  8. Sounds good. I’d want to spill the beans if I had big secrets so i get ya.


    Ps. Will be emailing you to harass, I mean ask, you if I can do a post on your killer bathrooms. I still can’t get over how amazing they are!

  9. Ok your totes moving again. And/ you are opening up you’re own stellar store with all your fanciness. Your not prego too much progress with the weightloss and I’ve seen too many booze pics. It’s a store or restaurant. I feel it. Ok cannot take this anymore!!! It better be good if you’re keeping all of this a secret for sooooooooo looooooonnngggg!!!!!!!

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