Naughty Biscuit…

Duly noted on the shoes, we will be exploring many options. Foot-a-Palooza ’round here.

Now COMPLETELY shifting gears…

It has been brought to my attention by several very smutty readers (winks) that our little Biscuit tagline might have a double meaning.

Now, I have never been accused of being prudish or naive, but I had NO IDEA!!!

And if you have no idea, and want to, and are not at work, and do not get easily offended and want to have a good laugh about what SOME people might think it means when I tell them to Butter Your Biscuit…head on over to Urban Dictionary.

And keep in mind, that MY intention, when I say “Butter Your Biscuit” is something more like this:

(Fast Forward to 2:10)

Oh no! Such the confusion!

I mean, it’s not that I strictly forebode such scandiness occur in our Biscuit Bedding, remember our original motto here is Follow Your Bliss. And if that’s your bliss, well then butter away, but do be sure to launder the sheets…

And thank you to my brave readers who risked exposing themselves as true freaks to make sure I didn’t make a fool of myself.

I honestly can’t stop laughing when I picture myself walking in to some big important meeting with investors, slamming my materials on the table going,

“Picture this, ladies and gentleman. Butter Your Biscuit. Butter MY Biscuit. What do you see? Do we have a deal here, people?”

Because I think in movies, it’s a little like this:

I die. I truly do. And laughter is good for a Monday.

So fess up, how many of you were thinking the same thing, but were too shy to speak up??

18 thoughts on “Naughty Biscuit…

  1. I didn’t know, but I’m not surprised. Several phrases have been ruined for me forever due to having a husband who gets a kick out of those kind of double entendres. I won’t elaborate!

  2. BAHAHAHA. Literally just LOL’ed, & I’m at work, which makes it even better.
    I guess we were both living under our cutely decorated rock! 🙂

  3. Bailey!!! ha ha ha!! Giggling out loud right now. You handle everything with so much fun and spice!

    As one of the dirty minded folks that did in fact tell you on the side the meaning of that particular phrase, I am so glad you are able to joke about it!! 🙂

    So this is how I found out what it means about a year ago…

    My hubby and I decide to rent a house in maui for his 40th and invite 4 couples. The rental agent meets us at the house the first night to give us the keys and show us around. His name is Carl and he is attractive. Us girls start refering to him as “hot carl”… and every time we do the guys laugh like crazy. After a night of this they tell us to look it up… oh my!
    and that led to a whole week in beautiful hawaii with all of us googling ever more disgusting things…
    It is a big crazy world out there!

    Anyway… butter your biscuit was one the hubbies suggested we look up! 🙂

    And don’t name your next business Hot Carl whatever you do….


  4. OMG…I am dying. I am 40 years old and have never heard of that. Hilarious!!!!!! I will be giggling all day tomorrow.

  5. I always thought a biscuit was a bed. Getting back in bed in for a nap/day of slothing – “Back in the Biscuit” BUT HoneyBooBoo child of TLC thinks it means something else… lady business.

  6. I must admit that my first thought when I saw the slogan was, “umm, that sounds dirty.” But once you explained it I thought it might be a Texas/southern thing.

    But anyway, congrats on your new venture!!

  7. Ha! I thought the same…although I’m on the Honey Boo Boo train…my husband always refers to lady parts as “biscuit” and also likes to refer to me playfully as his “biscuit” (and varying versions of that word). I personally love the double meaning of the new store! Maybe you’ll get some additional business just by attracting the slightly dirty mind that happens to be walking down the street and sees that storefront. I know I wouldn’t be able to resist checking it out!

  8. That cracked me up! About 20 years ago I had a summer business planting and designing clients’ balconies and gardens with planter boxes and pots. I thought a great name would be Beauty in the Box…it was my Dad who (without much detail) suggested I change names!! Yikes Can’t wait to see the bedding. Looking for something old Palm Springs style meets Trina Turk???

  9. hahah omg i didn’t make the connection, but now that mean girls scene pops up in my mind and it’s HILAR. anyway, i think you’re safe as long as you stay away from using “butter” in the same sentence. butter? barely know ‘er!

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