Greener Pastures

Thanks, Everyone!

I am going to try and backtrack over the next few weeks and show you how we got here- process/paint/sources etc. If you haven’t seen the issue, check it here. Katie and Jane and Matchbook did a great job, I can’t believe we get to share editorial real estate with Nate Berkus. He used to work out at my gym in Chicago and it was the most dedicated I have ever been to my fitness routine. I would stay on the treadmill elliptical for a full hour trying to work up the nerve to say “hi”- and then realize GymGame is way out of my league- but then I would go back the next day hoping maybe he would ask to work in with me and we could become best friends and Oprah would be so jealous. It never happened, but this is maybe even better?

Thus far I have received the most questions about our kitchen, so I am going to start there and we will do a few of these every week until you have all my secrets.

In comparing our three projects, Chicago was a whole different level. We basically rebuilt the entire house within the three original exterior walls. Austin was much smaller than that, but still kind of major because of how many walls we ended up moving and the structural changes like taking out a stairwell. This one took almost as long as Austin, but was much more topical.

An overview of the renovations:

  1. Reconfigured entry-hall closet/laundry room
  2. Replaced lower kitchen cabinetry, and upper cabinet doors. Removed separate double ovens to open up breakfast nook and replaced stove-top with oven/stove combo. New countertops and backsplash. Structural repairs around window.
  3. Wallpaper and paint in powder room, master bedroom, guest bathroom, guest bedroom.
  4. Paint everywhere- lots of it. Lacquery layers of paint.
  5. Add wet bar to den, remove  damaged seagrass. Redo cabinetry and remove paneling.
  6. Gut master bathroom/closet.
  7. Add a second jack-and-jill style bathroom upstairs between Gracie’s room and guestroom/future nursery.
  8. Paint, carpet, electrical third floor playroom/office.

Besides the work in our bathroom and adding the second bath, most of the work was topical. The house was in good condition for its age, just really not our style- though VERY Houston. In fact, I would say looking at the befores/real estate photos you are seeing quintessentially Houston’s french-belgian-beige design wheelhouse. I just didn’t think this guy wanted to be belgian. I think he is nerdy with a side of funky/quirky. Which is why I named him Professor (nerdy) Anderson (Wes Anderson- quirky/cool).


In the kitchen, I didn’t think the layout was practical for us. Double ovens between the breakfast nook and back door made the space really tight- and HOT when you are cooking- and I hate having separate ovens so far from the main cooking space. I am sure other moms would agree- not so practical with babies under foot. hr2924042-23The house when we viewed it- not bad, glad we were able to keep so much of the major stuff. I hated the different stones on the counter/backsplash though. Not enough prep space, odd little TV/half window…


So we removed the double ovens, which meant redoing some of the lower cabinetry to make space for a combo oven/stove. phafwafoto 1Sorry for the horrible lighting quality- I snuck downstairs this morning before Gracie woke up to take pictures. I will try to get better lit pictures later.


Otherwise we just replaced the cabinet upper doors with glass and painted that junk some glossy glossy dark green.


When we toured the house looking towards the dining room/entry hall. We also changed out the fridge and pantry doors.

photo 2

This is the most accurate picture I got of the cabinets. I believe the color we started with was Fine Paints of Europe Greener Pastures and added black tinting until it was just right. hr2924042-25

Before breakfast nook. You could only fit that mini table and even then it was quite hard to maneuver in there.


Ugh sorry these pictures are so bad…I didn’t see the Matchbook pics before so I didn’t know what was shot and had to improvise this morning. The room gets SO much light from those big windows that it is actually really nice having the walls a bit darker and cozier.

IMG_1126Again, it was perfectly nice before. Just not us.

kitchenseating copyMuch more us.

Sources: Paint Fine Paints of Europe Greener Pastures w/black tint. Island from this antiques store in Pete’s home town. It is reproduction and they can customize it to your size/finish desires. Chandlier- vintage I had in my bedroom in college, living room in Chicago, and now here. Rug- vintage I had in living room in college, third floor bedroom in Chicago, guest room in Austin, and now here. Bistro chairs here. Subway tile just your basic white with dark gray grout. Countertops Caesarstone raven. Kitchen faucet Waterworks. Oven is La Cornue for Williams Sonoma.

A lot of y’all mentioned how different this house is for us, and it is, but I can also see the evolution. Like in this room, we did the same countertops we had in Chicago- and subway tile though Chicago was beveled and this was plain. Then in Austin we experimented with the brass hardware that we carried over here. I loved our two white kitchens- but I felt like I had done it well enough- traditional in Chicago with a modern twist in Austin- and I was ready to try something new.

We love it. What say you? Let me know if you have any other questions and I will do my best to answer in the comments.

If you haven’t seen the rest of the issue, it’s here, and as always Emily Anderson for the pretty pictures, and my iPhone for the ugly ones.

51 thoughts on “Greener Pastures

  1. Who makes your stove/oven? It looks like it’s a high quality wolf/viking but with a vintage feel to it and I love it!

  2. Love it! We actually just closed on our first home, a 100 year old house, and the kitchen is the first major renovation we will do. Very inspired by what you’ve done here! That oven is on my wish list in black and gold!

  3. You are truly gracious in your sharing, and I LOVE you for that!
    As always, your brain went where others would fear to tread. Most people would walk into this house and think it needed nothing, but your honesty to your style and vision made it go from perfectly lovely to mag-worthy. Brilliant.

    *Wait* Your range kills it. Dead. On. Arrival. And the island (another Nate-ism – so ironic – Just had to note that)
    I swear I’ve seen this house before – I remember those double ovens! Yeah, way dumb. Good, good call, Mommasita.
    Can’t wait to have a Stateside home again, so I can pick your fabulous brain!

  4. LOVE the new house! Question.. What finish did you use on the cabinets? I can’t wait to see more rooms, especially the playroom! I’m curious to know where the disco ball is in this home!

  5. Love. Truly so great. I admire how you layer and layer over such a classic and traditional base. Thanks for your openness in sharing your approach and sources. Congrats on the article and can’t wait to see your store!

  6. a) this is so much work, to post like this – and SO appreciated, danke doll!
    b) what looked clean and pretty before has been made functional and fierce by you – bravissimo!
    c) you’re doing big things on the blog and it’s seriously werking.

  7. This is so inspiring! Thank you so much. I love the evolution of your kitchens. You’re a genius.

  8. OMG, you are such a rockstar for doing all those photos this morning just for us nosy blog readers. 🙂 But I love them–one question, did they spray or brush on that hi-gloss paint? I have done both and can’t seem to get it where I want it–so, so shiny like yours. Could be, ahem, user error though….but seriously, just love what you did with it. Good to FIERCE!

  9. You had a picture on instagram of your friend in the kitchen and it gave a tiny glimpse but dang girl, this is even more amazing than I pictured in my head! Absolutely love it, especially the green cabinets and that beautiful stove!

  10. Ah. maz. inggggg!
    Absolutely love it.
    I have one question…did you add a finish topcoat to the cabinets to make them so so shiny or is that just great high gloss paint? I am loving the shine!

  11. SO pretty Bailey! As you said in the Matchbook article- what an evolution of all the pieces that you have brought from house to house. This house is so cozy and lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your home is an absolute stunner and once again such a treat to see. I am in awe! And that color greener pastures is amazing. Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. I really like the kitchen. I especillay love the island! I love the pots and pans under it and other essential items. The oven is amazing and I would love eating breakfast in that nook every morning!

  14. Beyond awesome, Bailey! Love the dark kitchen. This house is decidedly miles influenced in the best way! You’re going to be a star!

  15. Beatiful, Bailey. This house is decidedly berry miles inspired in the very best way. Moody. Cozy. Quirky. Perfect. You’re going to be a big star!

  16. beyond gorgeous. freaking incredible. and here i was thinking the only great kitchens were obvioulsy white ones…

  17. I tore out an image from an issue of Instyle YEARS ago of a kitchen with dark glossy green cabinets that I was head over heels in love with. I cannot get enough of your kitchen – it is gorgeous! I love the green.

  18. Bailey you outdid youself agian! As much as I am happy for you that this is your forever house, I’m sad I wont get to see more of your AHHMAZING before and after house pics. You are a serious talent and I just LOVE your fun/colorful/awesome houses!

  19. Lovely jubly!!! Sooo pretty, “grown up”, chic and rich looking!! I am OBSESSED with the marble top island. Where pray tell did you find it?

  20. LOVE this!! you’re amazing, i love the name too. Where did your personalised chopping board come from? I’d love to buy my hubby one for his birthday…ps. Gracie is so beautiful!

  21. Bailey, your home is simply stunning! Congratulations and thank you for sharing such beautiful design with your readers!

  22. SO happy to have found your house! It’s amazingly gorgeous. The glossy cabinets really make me want to repaint mine. After obsessing over all Miles Redd’s gloss and seeing it done in a house where a real person lives. Just amazing!

  23. Gah!!!!! I can’t even freaking tell you how much vision you have. This kitchen is just…too wonderful for words. The rug with that green and the finishes!? I’m not even typing coherently it is THAT good. Way to go Bailey.

  24. Gorgeous! It’s funny that you mention Wes Anderson because your style reminds me of his movies a little (especially the Royal Tannenbaums).

  25. I am BANANAS over your kitchen!! Someone else asked – but can you tell us about your cutting board?

  26. GASP! You have that stove!! So jealous-It looks fab in your kitchen, you do it proud 🙂 On another note, I’m getting ready to paint my not so lovely oak cabinets and I’m 99% ready to go with Fine Paints of Europe. How do you like their paint? Would you recommend it? What line of paint did you use? Thanks!

  27. I can’t believe I’ve never seen your blog until today! You are awesome!!! I guess it’s especially good that I hadn’t because I am sick in bed with a terrible stupid case of strep throat and you kept me busy most of the day. Thank you. You rock. And your house is fabulous.

  28. I think that stove deserves its own post. No really–what is it, are those 2 ovens, does it work like a regular pleeb stove?

  29. Hi Everyone-
    Thanks so much! The stove is la cornue from williams sonoma, I updated the source links to include it. It works like a regular stove, although the ovenspace is a bit wee.
    Christina- wallpaper is from anthropologie, I linked to it in today’s post.
    I love Fine Paints of Eurupe- we used it in our dining room as well. The paint was sprayed on the cabinets in SEVERAL coats. Sanded within an inch of its life between, then glossed on again. Like maybe 4 or 5 times. I believe it was the highest gloss they do, but I think most of the beauty was because of the painstaking application.
    I do not know where the cutting board came from- it was a wedding gift but I am going to do some hunting. Check back Friday!
    The table is from evinco, has a white bottom and wood top. We are not thrilled with the quality. I thought I had found a major deal, but the top especially looks super cheap and came damaged. We are currently on the hunt for a vintage version of the real deal.

  30. Bailey, I am so glad you will be looking into the cutting board. That is the most classic one I have ever seen and want to get several for weddings coming up. Love your work!

  31. Your kitchen is beautiful. Is that a LaCornue range I spy in your new kitchen? My “one day” range: La Cornue Chateau 150 in cream or stainless (yes, I am that specific). And carrara marbletops and maybe backslash. Your island is awesome – not huge, yet has a lot of substance, style and function. One day (hopefully soon, as in 2013), I will be contacting you for a project. You have great talent and taste.

  32. Mindy- I am told our cutting board is from a store called Out Of The Box on Woodway in Houston.
    Amy- I did not!! I mean I have seen that space so many times, so it must have seeped into my subconscious at some point. He totally got it from the same place, too, in Chicago. ohhh me and Nate. Like peas and carrots. 🙂
    Alexis- It is an antique/vintage oriental I got in college.
    Thank you everyone!

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