Wee-Decorating: The Entry Hall

Grace and I woke up extra early this morning to take pictures of my latest wee-decorating efforts.IMG_0479

You may recall this post on moving our vintage black and white desk…


Which solved a problem in the kitchen, but left our entry hall sad and lonely. UNTIL I recalled one of my favorite Biscuit pieces, a console that nonsensically hadn’t sold yet. No matter, it was meant to come live with us!IMG_0492

The former piece wasn’t very wide and didn’t give us a lot of surface area to catch all of our entry hall comings and goings, and was too deep giving the door just barely enough clearance to swing open. The console is the perfect size, wide enough to fill the space with just enough room on either side for our coat rack and an umbrella stand, but only 14″ deep so the door swings clear now. Once I decided to move the console in here everything else came together naturally.


Measuring out the height above the console, I realized that the Sarah Ashley Longshore painting Pete gave me from my birthday would fit snugly above it. The painting was hanging in our sad hallway, but you couldn’t really appreciate it properly. You can definitely see it here, it makes a major statement when you walk up to the front door- but I love that it gives our tiny entry some major impact. And I can’t believe how perfectly the colors in our China Rose fabric/the green paint on the console go perfectly with the colors in the painting. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect combination if I had planned on using them together.


Not to mention the colors flow naturally with the rest of our house. The green from the kitchen, orange/gold in the living room, and pink in the dining room.


While I loved the little kilim ruglet we had in there, it was too small for the space and when I found this stunner on 1st Dibs it was an easy decision to relocate it.

As a reminder…


We are still considering a new light fixture, maybe this one from Biscuit.


And we need some items to zhush up the console, but all in all much better, no?

21 thoughts on “Wee-Decorating: The Entry Hall

  1. a)love how gracey has 2 pacifiers. always need backup! and b)how could you not DIE to see the rest of this house when you see an entry like that?! you know its gonna be FUN!!

  2. I’m all about statement art, and something like this in the entry space is such a great introduction to visitors – giving them a glimpse of what’s to come in the rest of the house.
    Putting your new camera skilz to work?! Nice pics!!

  3. You are a decorating genius! What I love most is that the first thing you see when you enter the home is ‘caution slippery’ which is sooo much better than ‘welcome.’

    Loooovveee ittttt!!!

  4. This is great! I REALLY love that black/white desk, but it feels like it worked better in the entry spaces in your other homes. I think having the art make the statement versus trying to really style a small space like that makes perfect sense. Also, the camera upgrade is paying off! As much as I was like, oh Bailey, we don’t care how nice the pictures are, don’t worry about it girl! There is definitely a richness in these pictures that an iPhone can’t quite capture. My husband got me a fancy Canon for Christmas so that I could take nice pictures of our baby and stuff… but I am totally guilty of not making the effort to get it out when there’s a photo op.

  5. LOVE it! The Wizard of Oz painting is so fun, makes me wish I had a entry like yours to put a big statement piece in. You should share more outdoor pictures too!

  6. Holy cow this is absolutely amazing, and ties the two adjoining rooms together perfectly! Genius!

  7. Love it! I always thought that console was just the cutest- but we have been bouncing between homes for months, so have made no purchases. I was keeping my eye on it. It is perfection in your entry way. xo

  8. Ahmazing, that says it all! There is no place like home, right??!! And,I agree with another poster … that saying of Caution, etc… is so much more fun than ‘welcome’!!

    Love the new entry hall! mwah! You rock girl!

  9. Very smart changes. I have taken to “everything in it’s right place” (the sudden, organic puzzle-piece effect of interior design done over months as opposed to in a week a la hgtv) as I do my place, so I think the swap around is perfect.

    Only thing I would personally change is to either gold leaf the coatrack (which is a fun do-in-front-of-the-tv activity anyways), paint it black, or do the blue-green in the rug. Something about the lime green emerald… I want to love it but hmmm, wouldn’t be my first choice.


  10. That art is amazing! I love it there-definitly a statement piece for visitors to gawk over upon entry to equally gawk-able home 🙂

  11. I love the eclectic, fun, whimsy and color! The entry says so much more than “Welcome”. I’m new here and can’t wait to see the rest of your home.

    This is the absolute best entry ever! 🙂


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