Wee-Decorating: The Kitchen

Today I am posting over at Camille Styles on my entertaining style.

You may remember Grace helping us with the shoot #bossyphoto

Caroline, Maddie and I had a lot of fun (read: felt ill the next day) doing it- so check it out. DSC_9546Lots of food porn and recipe inspiration.

Speaking of the kitchen.1. Kitchen

As y’all know, I have been trying to finish up all of the remaining projects at our house. Mostly that just means getting curtains/rugs/pillows- small finishing touches. Except in our kitchen & entry hall.

Our entry hall has never been quite right. phokjnoto-e1361973616498The desk was the same one we had in Chicago and Austin, and I am kind of sentimental about things like that. So I didn’t want to get rid of it, but it was too deep for the space- ¬†just barely missing the door when it swings open. It was not wide enough, and didn’t provide us enough surface area to catch all of our comings and goings, then leaving too much dead space on either side we didn’t know what to do with.

And the kitchen, while taking out the double ovens opened up the space by the window and improved the flow of the kitchen, things just felt incomplete.Diptic

These two inadequacies of our home have plagued me. Weighing heavy on my heart.


Just like that. Divine intervention.

We are closing the store next week to add some displays, change out the furniture, wallpaper etc. and this stunner console won’t fit on the floor anymore:

So I decided to take him home with me. Hims will be perfect in the entry hall. 8 inches narrower than the desk, and will run the width of the space leaving just enough room for our coat rack and umbrella stand on either side. This addition inspired a whole slew of positive changes in there that I will show once it comes together.

BUT then, my beloved desk was homeless…

Until:ImageNow, my poor iPhone photography doesn’t properly capture the change, but let me assure you, it MAKES the space.

(Here is a refresher on what it was like before, and the kitchen remodel)

I cannot tell you how many arguments Pete and I have gotten in over him leaving mail and the contents of his pockets on my island.


Finally we have a place to process the business of life that always ends up in the kitchen.Image 1
And the dog bowls are tucked away, but they can still access them.

photo 2-1

The colors work perfectly, and I love my topiaries I got from Mackenzie in here. We still need curtains and to recover the bench seat- and I am thinking a new light fixture as well- but the desk is giving me so much peace of mind.

And hope for the future. Hope that looks like this:Kitchen with pd fab and light fixture

If you missed out on any of our before & afters from the latest or previous remodels, that handy “popular posts” drop down will bring you up to speed on all of our remodels, wedding, and babies.

17 thoughts on “Wee-Decorating: The Kitchen

  1. love that fabric you picked to recover your bench seat! i’ve been trying to figure out how to weave it into my own home. love the updates!

  2. I wish I had your designin foresight! I have two rooms in my house that have yet to be finished as well.. Not sure if I’ll ever be satisfied :p

    Great feature with Camille Styles. I am in LOVE with your china; what is the style and where did you get it from?!

  3. So excited to try your corn salad! Love the idea for the fabric on the bench seat but the light fixture maybe seems too tropical with it? But maybe that is part of your genius as always

  4. BEST light fixture. We have that monkey chandelier in our dining room and it is so wonderful! We are moving and I’m not sure we have a place in the new house for it [tears]…would you be interested in a purchase?

  5. I love your china featured in the Camille Styles piece. I’ve been on the hunt for china that’s just right, where did you get yours?

  6. Is that salad recipe right? Two sticks of butter and a cup of cheese to for ears of corn? Holy huge hips Batman! That’s got to be a misprint right?

  7. I love your green kitchen more and more everytime I see it. Looks yummy. And who doesn’t love a margarita?

    Fig leaf looks great.


  8. Love the updates and can’t wait to see the foyer! Although the possible chandy isn’t my fav… It could be bc I live at the beach and it sorta reminds me of a cheap condo rental….?? yeah? hahaha

  9. Please let me know what paint colours you used in the kitchen (including the walls where the booth seating is). I luv luv luv it!

  10. Did this blog look *just* change? I swear it didn’t look like this yesterday. I remember you saying a while ago you were changing it up, but this is the first day I’ve seen it. Maybe it was just me…

    The desk looks SO good in the kitchen.

    I’m so sad you’re closing the store next week. I live in NYC and will be in Houston next week – of course the week you’re closing the store! I had been so excited about seeing it. O well – just have to shop online!

  11. Yes, please DO tell about that gorgeous china you displayed in the shoot!? Gorgeous.

  12. Love the changes on your blog page today. Looks fab! And love the white desk in the kitchen. My husband will find any and all surfaces from the front door through to the kitchen and on upstairs to his bedside table to leave an assortment of things. They need handbags.

  13. Where did you find your dog bowls and mat? I’m looking for nice, simple ones like those!

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