OHay! Season 2! Who is going to be most popular?

Introducing the new Biscuit Class of Spring 2013. Season 2 Bedding

You’ve got crowd favorites Pete, Paul, Grace, Katie and Joanna returning in new color ways.

And soon to be prom court contestants: Alaina (eiffel towers), Amber (ikat), Erika (stripes), Jenny (floral), Harold (constellation), and Mackenzie (bows). So who is your favorite? Who is coming to live with you? We will be giving you the full background on each print, but I suggest you snap some of your own up quickly.

Find all of our new prints in bedding and trays here.

15 thoughts on “OHay! Season 2! Who is going to be most popular?

  1. LOOOOOOVE it all!!! Can’t wait to close on our new house at the end of the month so I can start getting stuff to decorate!!

  2. Hi Bailey—The new prints are adorable! Can you make some of them into iphone 5 cases?! Please, please, pretty please!!

    Best, Caroline

  3. Harold and the Purple Crayon was one of my FAVORITE books growing up!! I can only imagine that’s why the constellation print is named Harold?? I might have to spring for some shams in the Harold!

  4. Oh, and since the first Caroline is opening with a product request, what about bathrobes?! I really love all of your prints, and I think they would make the most darling PJs and bathrobes!

  5. I want the Erika but in the minty ikat color! (or a really like aqua/blue color!) Or I could just redo my whole room for one of the color already offered! I wouldn’t be upset about that! lol


  6. the navy and pink mackenzie print is going to be perfect for my room redo. plus i adore mackenzie. and i agree with caroline with making iphone cases!! i NEED one!

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  8. I got a tray for one of my best friend’s upcoming bday from the new line and I am excited. I SECOND the iphone 4 & 5 cases! You could have an intern make them by buying clear acrylic cases in bulk from amazon and decopaging (best technique tbd but design sponge has done tutorials) fabric samples. Would love very 3d!

  9. Love the new prints but what I am really dying to see, either here or on the biscuit site, is beds made up with the patterns mixed up together so I can see how the colors relate. I know that you prefer sort of random mixes, but I would be so interested to see the green ikat with the eiffel tower in green and the jenny floral. Its probably a ton of work but it would be really inspiring and helpful (purchase-wise) if one day a week you could post a new bed, all made up with a different mix of the bedding. Personally, I am house hunting and am totally starting from scratch with the bedrooms. I love the bedding, but I’m having a hard time picturing any of them in situ with just product photos.

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