Before & After: One Week Makeover The Den

So as I mentioned before, we conceived and executed the majority of this makeover in just over a week. We had been working on making some changes to Maddie’s townhouse slowly over time- mostly in their bedroom- but when Crystal asked me to contribute something to this issue we pulled it all out to get it done. That included finishing up their master bedroom, overhauling their main dining/living area, and a small den.

This was the unused bonus den room before:

Maddie's Den Before

I am so pleased with this makeover, because the changes are really pretty doable and not super expensive, but it is so transformative and the room just looks luxey now. Maddie already had the Gray Malin print in her bedroom, and the hide, and the blue sofa was leftover from a client project where we went in a different direction…You may remember the plan I showed you here…and this is the after!

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 8.51.49 AM

We reupholstered her existing chair in my favorite Mulberry velvet duck fabric, and brought in some accent pieces, but most of the wow in this room comes from the paint! So simple.

AND, just for y’all, we decided to break it down and show you how to achieve something similar on your own!

Den for less

Walls: Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray, Sofa, Gray Malin Art, Side Tables, Lamps, Hide Rug, Coffee Table, Chair, John Wayne Art, Bar Cart (available at Biscuit), pillow =$6,547

If you haven’t seen the issue yet, check out our spread and six other talented designers celebrating three years of Rue!

What did you think of this makeover? Do you like seeing the breakdown of how it all came together? Any questions? How may I help you today?

15 thoughts on “Before & After: One Week Makeover The Den

  1. Love! May I ask what formulation of paint on walls and trim? When you paint trim the same color as walls do you change the paint finish or formulation? Thanks!

  2. love the step-by-step — so helpful! can you tell me the paint color you used in the living room? thanks so much!

  3. *Thank you* for putting the price break down! It makes rooms like this seem more approachable – like being able to incorporate pieces here and there. Question on velvet sofas – if you spill water or milk (I have a kid), does it make the velvet gnarly forever?

  4. love the step-by-step — so helpful! can you tell me the paint color you used in the living room? thank you!

  5. Love the breakdown of the process. It’s neat to see your designer brain in action! 🙂

    And that wall color. Dark walls are so lovely!

  6. i cannot explain to you how much i love this room. i am all about gold and a navy velvet sofa and my boyfriend is all about cow hide and he has the john wayne art. and we both agree we love that gray malin piece. you have just made my life so much easier for when we move in together!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  7. I love the way this turned out. I was so excited when I saw the navy sofa and walls on the inspiration board. I would love to see the breakdown and especially how you choose to space plan when the room looks so much smaller in the first photo! Awesome room!

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