Behind The Scenes: Shooting with Southern Living

We have been fortunate enough to have had our work shot for a few publications, and it is interesting how different the experience is each time. With our original Rue shoot and Matchbook, we shot with the wildly talented Emily Johnston. For our Chicago shoot, we had Alaina to help with styling, but in Houston it was just me and Emily all day.


Our master bedroom as shot by Emily for Matchbook

Emily is gifted, shooting with her is quick but thorough. She can walk into a room and immediately see the shot, and while she takes her time composing things just right, once she has it she has it. That is also the beauty of working with online publications, most of the time you have control over the images. You aren’t having to send them back to an editor for approval.

With print publications, things run a little differently. You have a whole team. Which makes things feel special and exciting. There is the photographer, one or two photographer’s assistants, a stylist, and often an editor from the magazine. But…you also have to deal with the bureaucracy of an editorial team. Shots get sent back to headquarters for approval, and things just take a whole lot longer.

This was the scene for our HGTV Magazine shoot last year.

photo 2-4

photo 1-8

Southern Living was a bit more streamlined. They sent the photographer, Hector Sanchez, his assistant, and the stylist and her assistant. Since Hector is on staff at Southern Living, they didn’t need to send an editor as a liaison.

photo 1-7

One of the spaces I was most excited to show y’all would be the updates we made to our master bedroom- and if you have checked it out in the latest issue, you will see that the shots came out beautifully. This is the shot I took of the action with my iPhone. Our old bed was really high and felt a bit too big in our bedroom. So I had this insane hot pink velvet tufted headboard made, based on this bed in one of my all-time favorite rooms. I am obsessed with it, I love how the arms snuggle you in, and how low it is to the ground. Adding the canopy really finishes things off, and sleeping here is like dreaming in a romantical tent.

photo 2-3

And posted to Instagram. We used light blue accent euros and sheets, Jenny coral shams, and Paul Light Blue boudoir and duvet.

photo 3

The crew setting up the shot…

photo 5

I think we’ve got it…

southern living bedroom copy

And print!

The pictures in the issue are stunning. I absolutely loved working with the whole Southern Living team, and am beyond honored to have been featured. It was the best motivation to finish up projects around the house, and I have a few more updates to show you coming up.

18 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Shooting with Southern Living

  1. Emily’s work is so sublime – one of the best in her field, IMHO. The fact that she’s so unassuming and gracious is just icing on the cake. Congrats on the SL feature – you’re takin’ the World by storm!!

  2. i love how you can list off the many maje photoshoots you’ve done. so fabulous! really liking the new headboard, the color is hot and i like the coziness of the height. can’t wait to pick up my copy of SL!

  3. The spread was fantastic! Southern Living is great with the fact that if you have a print subscription, they let you view the magazine on your tablet for free! The photos really popped on my ipad even more than they did in print. It’s so good.

  4. Ahh! It wasn’t until seeing the behind the scenes photo that I noticed your wallpaper had pink in it–I always thought you were just being very brilliant with a random pink headboard. Not random!

  5. Oh, Bailey! I loved seeing your work in this month’s issue. And it’s wonderful that your fabulous work is getting so much good press! Congrats!

  6. Your house is amazing. I always show my husband what you’ve done and what we could incorporate into our own home. Work, bitch!!

    PS. you kicked ass at GOMI. Love it.

  7. OMG that is gorgeous!!!!! Well done Bailey; you are incredibly talented! Any chance you’d be willing to share the source of that incredible wallpaper in your bedroom? I’d also love to hear your thought process on choosing wallpaper. So many are terrified of it and yet you make choosing & installing wallpaper look effortless! You are fearless and it is awesome! BTW, after falling in love with the Ralph Lauren Constellation wallpaper (after seeing it on your blog), I had it installed in the ceiling of our attic bath. It looks amazing on all the angled ceilings but the downside is that my kids (3 boys) now like to pee in the dark. And their aim isn’t perfect even with the lights on! Anyway, congratulations – I love watching your amazing talent!!!

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