Before & After: One Week Makeover The Dining Room

Continuing the living space makeover, the dining area got some sprucing as well.


A lot of y’all asked how we dealt with the paint beginning and ending in an open floor plan. Well, I will show you!Diptic

We just stopped the paint at the continuing wall, and in the kitchen painted around the cabinetry, which didn’t look weird since the moulding at the ceiling was still painted the same color as the cabinets.

photo 3-1

Is that helpful?

Ok, good.

Dining “room” before:

photo-62 copy

And dining room after:


We got the luckiest in the dining room when we walked into MeCox Houston and found the chairs. They are perrrrfect, their height works so well with the extra high ceilings in the space, they are forever pieces and were worth the splurge.

The china cabinet we had been using as a display in the store that we recently replaced- originally it was found for like $400 at a resale shop? And I painted the inside a pretty light blue.

The dining table would be too expensive to replace, and we didn’t want to borrow everything in the space (not to mention moving a dining table in and out for the shoot would have been a huge pain in the ass). SO, even though the style of her dining table wasn’t Maddie’s favorite, we decided to save some dollahs and work with it- by having a table cloth made! The night before the shoot Maddie’s parents came in to help, and her mom sewed the fabric for the table cloth. A family affair, so tender.

Dining Area

Same alligator alley wall color, lighting, a similar china cabinet– though I would recommend searching your local resale shops and getting one for much, much less- our local stores always have lots of cabinets in great shape, fabric for the table cloth and some other funky table cloth options, chairs, and similar chairs for less.

9 thoughts on “Before & After: One Week Makeover The Dining Room

  1. Are those dining room chairs comfortable to sit on? Ever super high back chair I’ve come across is uncomfortable. Just wonderin’.

  2. OH am LOVING those chairs! So cool and totally make your room. Have and always will love this emerald color. It is so big right now and I am loving to see what everyone is doing with it! It looks really really great!

    House Envy

  3. Apalm- the chairs are comfy-ish. They are comfortable because of the cushions, but I am a head-throw-backer when I talk/laugh etc. and I hit my head on them. They aren’t the kind of chairs you would linger after dinner in for hours, but are definitely comfortable enough for regular use.

  4. Ok, I just have to ask… $1,050 for one chair?? And she has 6? HOW do people afford that???? I live out west where the cost of living is significantly cheaper, but that just boggles my mind.

    I think I’d be afraid to sit on them, and wouldn’t be able to appreciate them because of how much I’d shelled out. Do people feel like this often with high end investments? How do they appreciate and USE things that are such a significant chunk of change?

  5. Ruth Anne- I think everyone spends their money differently, so it is really relative. Some people travel, some people spend money on clothes, other people invest in their home. As decorators, our homes are the first place we are willing to splurge. Some people might spend $500 on a pair of shoes that won’t last you forever, but you wear them and enjoy them and maintain them as best you can.

    These particular chairs would be pretty hard to hurt, and can always be repainted and have different cushions applied- the construction is so good that she will have them forever as opposed to $200 chairs that would easily be changed out multiple times throughout your life. Just depends on what you want to do, spend the money upfront or over a period of time.

    Also- we do get a trade discount which makes the chairs less. I would not suggest that everyone spend $1000 per chair, which is why I included an option for less, but there are people who are willing to spend to get that exact look and wanted to give them that option as well.

  6. Bailey,
    That makes perfect sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me. I’m probs the biggest fashion disaster. Ever. But, but, but! I’m trying to learn. 😉

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