One Week Makeover: Before & After The Master Bedroom

The last room in our One Week Makeover is actually the one we had done the most work on prior to getting the call for Rue.

Before Before:photo-60

We started by refinishing Maddie and Matt’s bed, which was great quality and given to them by his family, but not really their taste.

Before After Before:

photo-61 copy 3

A coat of white glossy paint and some blue velvet upholstery later, and things were much improved. Then we added the rug and loveseat from Biscuit…and kind of stalled out. But because we had addressed most of the bigger things, it wasn’t too difficult to finish everything off.



We painted the room the lightest of pinks (after giving Matt such masculine living spaces, he didn’t mind), switched out her lamps, and added the most gorgey chartreuse silk curtains. AND, we added a custom piece by Jenny Andrews Anderson, which brings together all of the colors in the room perfectly.

Anndd…Get the look:

Maddie's Bedroom

Wall Color Benjamin Moore Pale Pink, Art, Side Tables, Lamps, Bed Similar, Euro Shams, Standard Shams, Boudoir Sham, Rug, Loveseat, Pillow, Curtains

11 thoughts on “One Week Makeover: Before & After The Master Bedroom

  1. Loved this post, and love the color combinations that you used! I am so impressed with the husband – that he is OK with a pink bedroom. That says volumes about him as a husband!

    The room is so beautiful, and the custom artwork by Jenny is the perfect touch. The lamps are also the perfect scale – I have been in lamp obsession world for a month now due to having a truck full of antiques shipped down from my sister (lots of lamp needs in my house now, which I love).

    – Holly

  2. Love it- especially the spindles on the painted bed and the lines of the loveseat! I am curious which brass curtain rods you usually use? Are these the ones from Restoration Hardware and if so which ones and do you recommend the larger or smaller size?

  3. You girls did a wonderful job! Am just wondering what color the rug is? As there are so many similar options! Spanks!

  4. absolutely adore the entire makeover top to bottom! in this room i love the addition of the loveseat at the bottom of the bed- the color is unexpected but totally brings everything together! bottom of the bed space is coveted and hard to come by here in nyc!

  5. Love! Could you talk about your curtain choices? I always struggle with fabric and rod options.

  6. This bedroom is seriously perfect! Those drapes kind of blow my mind against the pale pink. Could you share the fabric source for the drapes? I would also love to see a closeup of the velvet upholstery on the headboard. Not sure if the loveseat is meant to stay in the room, but if not, I think a luggage-y colored leather piece would look awesome there, too. I feel like this room is what I have been failing at trying to achieve in my own home.

  7. You did a great mix of colors here: the prim pink and light blue, offset by the sharp chartreuse, tempered by the dusty orange and gray. Perfection.

    Must admit that I was SO excited when I opened this b/c I thought that the room was peach – old school, fuddy peach that you totally glammed up. For no reason whatsoever, I really want peach to come back. Do a peach room soon, will you? (PS – F&B’s Orangery does not count! I want late 80’s peach.)

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