Before & After: Grace’s Big Girl Room

I know I keep saying this with every Before & After update, but I am truly tickled with how Grace’s big girl room makeover came out. If you would like to familiarize yourself with the before, here is a post on that.

Initially I had planned on doing a major overhaul- I toyed with hot pink buffalo check wallpaper, and then the wallpaper version of her fabric- but Pete ultimately put his foot down and said “no” to my never-ending-makeover-itis. I was displeased at first, but seeing how everything came together I am really glad we waited and decided not to do anything maje.

So this is the “Before” of her nursery…Hi Gwace!


And here it is now…


We switched out the rug for this vintage one from ABC Home, we brought in the daybed we had in her room in Austin- We traded out the dresser/changing table for this bigger piece, and the corner where her glider used to be is now a Gracie-size seating area, AND FINALLY hung the window treatments from Austin as well.


The canopy was originally made to go over the daybed in Austin, but worked fine with the crib as well. The daybed got a fresh coat of Peppermint Pink paint by Benjamin Moore.


Grace’s namesake bedding, mixed with the Katie Dot in red, a personalized monogrammed pillow, and her bunny family.


This little corners transformation is particularly pleasing to me.


The whole point of the big-girl makeover was the make the room more “Grace’s”- especially with the new baby. A space that was all hers where she could really play, and not have to share.


The flowers we had in her nursery in Austin, but never really found their place in this room until now. Paired with this little chair, and nightlight, it is such a charming vignette that Grace definitely knows is HERS.


Another angle of the room standing in the bathroom looking towards the hallway.


The green dresser is so nice because it is a little bigger than the blue baby we had in Austin- and we need every inch of storage we can get with her tiny closet. We used it as a changing table for a bit, but now Grace is a full on BigGirl- diapers are for babies!


Your eyes do not deceive you, that is The Leaning Bookshelf of Piza. The floors in our old house are SO slanted. But don’t worry, it is firmly bolted to the wall.

The teensy bookshelf was one of my favorite finds for her Austin nursery and I love that it fits so perfectly here. We kept it really on the styling- the bottom is just sort of stuffed animal jail. Sometimes I get a wild hair to organize it, and then it looks like this again within minutes so there you have it.


Above is a mix of our bedtime books, and Grace’s most special things. Some items like the trucks are constantly in and out, and others are more precious mementos like the Beatrix Potter books and figurines that were in my nursery, and the amazing grace music box from her Godmother.


We still need to address this little corner where the pouf is hanging out- which doesn’t look so bad here…


But in reality… We are waiting until Christmas to see if Santa might bring Grace her very own makeup table and dress up storage. She has been a very good girl this year, so I think he will pull through for her. I will let you know how it goes.

So how do you feel about Grace’s nursery to Big Girl transition? Do you wish we had done more of a makeover? Or do you like how the small changes updated the space? Anything I can help you with today?

Photos by MBM for Peppermint Bliss

38 thoughts on “Before & After: Grace’s Big Girl Room

  1. I love the minimal changes! I also really love the stuffed animal jail! Great idea so they aren’t everywhere!

  2. Just darling! Can you share who does your beautiful monograms? I’m local and my girlie, Annabelle, NEEDS a monogram just like that on her pillow!

  3. You know I loved that green dresser the min I saw it, so high five for that move.
    I think it’s just right. I gotta take the man’s side on this one. No need to do a major overhaul – these were just the right touches.
    PS – Her room photographs so beautifully!

  4. I love it! You did a great transition without a major makeover, I appreciate that…I can’t get enough of that floral fabric…by far one of my all time favorites!!

  5. It’s beautiful and I adore the egg chair. But what I love even more is that she will always have these gorgeous photos of her childhood room.

  6. I love this. I love the colors – how bright and happy the windows and canopy are, but the muted crib and walls balance everything. It’s also great to see how you’ve reused some things, as it can be so intimidating to budget for a massive overhaul. A can’t wait to see what Santa brings!

  7. Question for you, since I have a just turned “big girl” myself. Do you have a bed rail on the day bed for her at night or does she just sleep on there fine without one? Love the minimal changes that make a big impact! My favorite must be that canopy though, I have always loved it!

  8. Jenni- It is from pottery barn and is a twin

    Mary Beth- Thank you! We go to Victoria at Victoria’s Fine Linens and love her.

    Sara- It is, ebay and 1st dibs have the biggest selection, but circa who has some great finds as well

    Tara- We put the long pillow on the edge of the bed. The first few weeks we pulled out the trundle and used the pillow, but so far she has just cuddled into the corner and never even goes close to the edge.

    Thanks everyone!

  9. I spy Eloise on the yolk chair!May be u shud throw her an Eloise themed bday party when she turns 6 by renting the Eloise suite at the Plaza…just a thought..

  10. I am sooo glad that you didn’t use the wallpaper. While I love it (I own several rolls of it) I’d trade that stock in for 6 yards of that marrot fabric in a heartbeat. It is just really special. It is just the lovliest of little girl’s rooms. What a lucky little lady.


  11. So cute!! I love that she has her own special big girl/sister room. And I LOVE the neon green chest-of-drawers!

  12. I love this room, I love that you just made small changes. I love the red trim on the bed valence and the pink’s and greens. The little chair, flowers, night light, and new rug are lovely. They really bring the room together. I also love the little nook in the attic for her from yesterdays post. It all will make wonderful childhood memories for her. Little spaces to call her own.

  13. Hi Bailey! Love the colors, it’s so full of life!! One question — where did you get the big Eloise doll in the yolk chair? I’d love to get one for my daughter! Thank you 🙂

  14. There are so many moments in this room that I love! The chair is so sweet, and I know that 2 year old me would have played hard on that rug. Hands down my favourite addition is the window treatment, so fluffy and feminine. If you don’t mind me asking, specifically which potty training method worked for grace? I have a non-compliant toddler over here and am in need of help.

  15. truly, where did you get the green dresser… or even better, did you paint it? if so, how! gushing secrets welcome. thanks

  16. A lovely room for s little girl – feels happy. Where is the large piece if art from? Km ffcmxated on it for my little girls room. 🙂

  17. I am seconding Sandra’s comment – is that fabric you framed? Have the hardest time with large art!

  18. Super cute! Could you share some good Houston resources for getting furniture laquered? Love the painted furniture…

  19. Sorry for the delay!

    The green paint on the dresser is Sullivan Green by Benjamin Moore

    The large piece above the dresser is by Paule Marrot and is available at Well Appointed House


  20. I love the green dresser!! The whole room is adorable but I would like to know if you painted the dresser and if so what paints or treatments did you have to do because I would love to try this!

  21. I love the dresser!!! The whole room is adorable but I would like to know if you did the dresser and what paints/ treatments you did because I may have to try this!!!

  22. Hi Bailey, This is one of my all time favorite big girl rooms and I am obsessed with the oversize daffodils and cannot find anything like them anywhere. Would you mind sharing your source for where you got them? Or where I might find something similar?? I am currently designing my daughter’s big girl transition and I love how whimsical and fun those giant blooms are. Many thanks!!

  23. Where did you get that adorable canopy? Did you make it? If you did do you sell them? I would be very interested to buy one if you do. Thanks!

  24. I adore the tiny bookcase and am looking for something similar. Was this a vintage purchase or is it available for purchase somewhere? Thanks!

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