Before & After: Grace’s Nook

I have her whole big-girl room makeover later in the week, but I do love this sweet little update we did in her playroom.

The playroom is by far the most controversial room in the house, lots of you did NOT favor the color combo. It is still not Pete’s favorite, but he has grown to accept it- and I think enjoy it more as I do little things here and there to fluff it up. We might change it up eventually, tone it down, but I still love it and it’s not high on our priority list right now.

So you might remember from the original before & after that the playroom has these two dormer nooks. One of them is full height, and I am leaving it empty for now so Grace can use it for whatever her sweet imagination likes. The other seemed like the perfect little special reading spot.

But not in its “before” state:

photo 3-1

I am embarrassed to admit this is what the space looked like up until maybe a month ago?


SO much better now. I still want to add some blue trim to the lampshades, stripes to the nook ceiling, and paint out the trim blue as per one of the original comment suggestions- but I am really happy with this little update.


We got these little shelves from Land of Nod for her books…


And I had this cushion made, I love how it ties together the blue and chartreuse and brings in squillions of other colors we can use throughout the room.

The most important part, of course, is how much Grace loves the space. It is the first stop she gravitates towards when we are up there playing- the view looks out over our backyard and into a big beautiful tree.

It’s really happy. Don’t you think?

Pictures by MBM for Peppermint Bliss

13 thoughts on “Before & After: Grace’s Nook

  1. I love this! It’s absolutely perfect! And I chuckled when I saw the HB up there among Grace’s books–why shouldn’t mama get to enjoy the little reading nook every now and then too!

  2. I love this little addition! Pure genius use of this space, I’ll be stealing this idea for my own dormer nooks for sure.

  3. Hi there,

    Love the reading nook and wish I had had one as a kid 🙂

    Curious to know the name or where I might purchase the dot fabric? Love the tactile nature of it!

    Kind regards, Lauren

  4. It’s perfect! Any little kid would love that. The mini Eames is fantastic! Where did you find it and how is the leather holding up?

  5. Catherine- Good eye! That is hillarious. I have no idea how that snuck in there 🙂

    Lauren- Fabric can be purchased through us, email design at

    Louisa- They no longer make them, although I don’t know why. Ours has held up perfectly and is so comfortable even I sit in it on the occasion. We do offer some similarly cute mod chairs at Biscuit though!

  6. I was going to say the same about the HB up there–love it! And I do love this fun space, it seems like one (the whole playroom really) that she will remember and have fond memories of as a grown up girl. 🙂

  7. Such a sweet spot. I’m sure she will have the best memories from this little nook…kids love tiny spaces like that. I love the ideas for the updates too. Can’t wait to see it all. Xx

  8. This little space makes me happy just looking at it. I would love to have an adult sized version, just to feel like a kid again. You’ve done such a great job on the whole space and everything you’ve chosen adds so much drama and fun.

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