Before & After: Guest Bedroom

I don’t know why I didn’t think about this renovation when we were doing our major work on the house, but as soon as we moved in it was clear that something just wasn’t working with the layout of our guest room. To refresh, this post goes through the changes we have made up until this point. When we reconfigured the room we left the closet where it had been, but the room was so choppy with two big windows and two doors to the bathroom and hallway respectively, there wasn’t space for more than a twin bed.


We decided to relocate the closet from the area to the left of the front window, to the space flanking one of the doors. By moving the closet to the corner where the headboard of the twin bed was, it opened up the rest of the room for a queen. Which we needed with our other guest room becoming Mr. McBaby’s.


And now. You can see the new closet off to the right. We situated the bed in front of one of the windows- we just moved the queen from Mr. McBaby’s room and switched out the headboard with one we had at Biscuit. The side tables were also relocated from Mr. McBaby’s room, and we brought in some black lamps from Biscuit– and kept the same rug.

photo 1

Work in progress…


And now. The chandelier is a vintage piece we had in our entry hall in Chicago and Austin.


I used our Mackenzie bedding in light pink and black mixed with our black & white Katie dot.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 8.34.55 PM

The closet was moved from the left side over there by the window, to the far right of the picture. As you can see it gave us a much more open bit of room.


The same-ish view now.


I am so pleased with how our new curtains turned out. We used one of my favorite Brunschwig fabrics, which is really versatile. Here we played up the childishness/whimsy by adding the pastel trim. This will either be our next nursery, or Grace will move in here eventually, and I wanted it to be able to transition from guest to kids room easily.

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 8.35.06 PM

Standing in the corners by the two windows looking at the new closet, doorway to bath, and hallway during construction.


Next to the hallway door we put the vanity from our Chicago bedroom, and hung our Sara Ashley Longshore Audrey above.


I love the funky element this stool from Furbish brings to the table… (ba-dum-dum)


But this little nook might be my favorite. We recovered Grace’s old glider in what might be my new favorite fabric, ombre hex cut velvet.

I couldn’t be happier with our guest room. It feels welcoming and cozy for a guest, complements the rest of the bedrooms, and has the foundation for an adorable kids room if/when we need. We were able to reuse most of our big pieces- the rug, chair, vanity, art, side tables, chandelier were all things we had. While the new bits we brought in- bedding, lamps, and curtains brought everything together in a fresh new way!

So how do you feel about this before and after? Do you like it better than the original “after” with the twin? Or would you have just left things as they were?

pretty “after” photos by MBM for Peppermint Bliss

26 thoughts on “Before & After: Guest Bedroom

  1. Looks amazing and I’m loviin’ those curtains. The layout is so much better and though you had to take a few steps ‘back’ you’ve gained so much more usable space. Plus you’ve just set off a lightbulb in my head about our new built-ins in our master!!! Thank you….!!!

  2. best drapes ever. they look amazing against the minty walls. one of my favorite fabrics and that tasseled trim is just beyond dreamy. are you willing to share the wall color? looking for a good minty color to pair with a canopy I making for my daughter’s room using Rhododendron in the mint colorway.

  3. Mrs V- The walls are the same from before, Mint Julep by Benjamin Moore, they are so fresh in person!

  4. absolutely love it. i love how you take amazing pieces that are all very different (and i would never think actually go together)… but then when you put them all together it looks SO amazing!! congrats on a fun and gorgeous finished product!

  5. Oh my gosh. That is SO good. Everything about it, the furniture, the textiles, the art… Amazing. I recently started redoing my bedroom. It doesn’t look nearly as pulled together… Will be revisting for more inspiration.

  6. What a gorgeous room! Would you mind sharing the name of the ombre hex cut velvet? Does it come in other color ways?

  7. I love it all!! I especially love to glider fabric. Can you tell me where the glider is from originally? Was it custom made? I’m looking for something similar. Thanks!

  8. BIG PUFFY HEART LOVE THIS ROOM. Those curtains… would it be weird for you to leave them to a blog reader in your will? Ha!! Fabulous as always Bailey!! And that chair… TOO PERFECT FOR WORDS.

  9. Lovely!! How important is it for you to coordinate each room with the rest of the house? Do you keep a general color scheme throughout and mix it up with different color values, patterns, etc.? Or do you think bedrooms are free game for anything? Obviously, for example, a traditional style home, you would keep the lines and architecture the same throughout. Would love your thoughts or even a blog post on the process of decorating an entire home!

  10. All fabrics are to the trade, if you are interested in ordering you can do so through us, email design at

    The chair is trade too and we can also order for you.

    The curtain rods are from Restoration Hardware, and our curtain guy hates me for using them but I think they are great!

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