Before & After: Pete’s Office

Thanks for all your feedback on Mr. McBaby’s daybed- I will tell y’all which one I ended up choosing and why tomorrow, but today I want to share another Before & After!

Pete’s office is a wee piece of very valuable real estate off of the playroom on the third floor. Here is the “Before & Mid-Way After” post I did of what we did initially, and the inspiration for the room.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 7.57.22 AM

The room is small and oddly shaped, and needs to function as a legitimate office, but also a comfortable getaway for Pete as well.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 7.57.26 AM

We did an initial fix up adding the bookshelves, and bringing in his desk…

photo 2-1

And then things kind of stalled out for awhile.


But now! We brought in an orange velvet loveseat I had made for him, and some accessories. Pete is especially fond of this throw from Biscuit- so so soft. Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 6.27.54 AM

You also can’t see it in these pictures, but we switched out his old pendant (from Circa) that was too low and big for the space with this flush mount that I absolutely love.


We organized some of his special items like his guitar and some antique books he collects.


Styled up his bookshelves, which is not my strong suit but I am happy with how it came out. At first Pete didn’t want us messing with his stuff (which by the way was being stored in various bins and boxes) but then when he saw it finished he LOVED it, being able to see everything displayed all nicely.


I found him a proper gentlemanly vintage desk chair on 1st Dibs, and hung some more of his pictures (which were leaning against walls on the floor).


Added a pretty piller.


It’s pretty good looking. Lot’s of pretty crammed into some tight quarters.

What do y’all think of how it came together?

Pretty pictures by MBM for Peppermint Bliss

15 thoughts on “Before & After: Pete’s Office

  1. Great carpet. Reminds me of my first apartment! I could spend hours holed away in this room. It’s fantastic.

  2. Great use of space, Bailey. Pete, my husband would kill for your office. He doesn’t get one at our home… he lost out in the ever rivoting sport of heads or tails. (We might have to carve one out for him in our oversized laundry room someday. That flush mount is amazing. I am going to go back and see if you mentioned where you picked that guy up. In the off chance that you didn’t source, could you let me in on your secret?


  3. Love it so much! But what about the cubby and the cabinet Pete had bought on that you mentioned before? And the custom bulletin board? We wanna see it all girlie!

  4. Elaine- We didn’t end up doing the custom bulletin board, you can kind of see the same one as before leaning behind the computer on the desk. And the cabinet I will try to remember to post a picture of, thanks! xoxo

  5. Hi Bailey, stumbled across your blog and I love your style. I was wondering where this orange love seat is from? Even if it’s local let me know, I live in Austin! Thanks!

  6. Hi Bailey! Stumbled across your page somehow and I really love your style. I was wonder where you got the orange love seat? Even if it’s local let me know, I live in Austin!

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