Before & After: Kitchen Breakfast Nook

I haven’t posted much on our kitchen breakfast nook, mostly because there wasn’t all that much to speak of on the subject. It was fine, but I had put minimal effort into making it anything special.

DipticThe original “Before & After” of the space from right after we moved in.

We kept the same cushions from the sellers, never had window treatments, and put up a light fixture I had in my college bedroom and our living in room in Chicago- and while I love the fixture, it wasn’t right for the space.

I had a wee-decorating moment when I moved the entry table desk in here…

photo 2

…And it is by far the one of the most functional small changes I have ever made, but it still needed a bit mas.


We added roman shades in Peter Dunham’s Fiddle Fig Leaf Natural, and upholstered the bench cushion to match…


Brought in the new most amazingest light fixture- contact us for ordering information.


And decided on doing the large Chicago beach print from Gray Malin– which Pete especially loves as a reminder of his homeland.

I love how homey the space is now. Kitchens can feel so sterile, and having these layers goes a long way to making it a more livable space.

You like?

17 thoughts on “Before & After: Kitchen Breakfast Nook

  1. I have seen that light fixture before, but only in a neutral room with pale walls. It looks stunning with the green! Love.

  2. I was the MOST skeptical about the color of the light fixture clashing with the walls.. I would have gone so boring and red and it would have turned into christmastime. BUT you rocked it, it looks so so good. I can’t wait until the day I have a Gray Malin in my home!

  3. I love the changes you made! The window treatments and cushion make such a huge impact. Between them and the new light fixture, the space seems so much more open, bright, and welcoming!

  4. I love this Bailey! That Fiddle Fig fabric is such a good compliment to the wall color, and of course I love Gray’s print. Also love the chairs even though I know they were there before! Bravo lady!

  5. This is Amazing!What is the finish on the wall and the trims?As always, thanks 4 all the design inspiration.

  6. The change is significant. It amazes me what you accomplish with shades, a cushion, a light fixture, and art. This is why I follow you. Fantastic.

  7. Looks fabulous! Where did you get those chairs? I am looking for some similar to that but can’t find a decent, non-restaurant supplier!

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