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Over the past few months I have been working hard getting things running smoothly at our new Biscuit location. Moving from 1,200 to 10,000 square feet has made life soooo much easier- we have a proper warehouse and office space now! HIGH FIVES! But it also took a lot to fill out the floor space and have it looking as fresh as we wanted it to be.

We have also built a team at the store I am very proud of, everyone works so hard and brings a lot of extras to the table. I never properly shared what we have going on in the new space, and we have a lot of exciting new things to unveil in the coming months, so I thought it might be fun to start a series touring the store and introducing you to the fine people who inhabit it. Today I’m slangin’ one of the 5 bedroom setups we have, and some of our favorite items within:



2014-10-21 04.47.18

2014-10-21 05.58.32

2014-10-21 04.30.40


avocado soap



2014-10-21 05.55.45

Tangier’s Pillow, Places To Go Book, Avocado Soap, Travel Calendar, Ombre Stripe Throw Blanket, Frida Kahlo Candle, Sal de Margarita

12 thoughts on “Biscuit Picks

  1. Right now this is my only reason to come visit Dallas all the way from Portland, Oregon! I am sure I can find others but visiting your shop is top on my list. I love all the trinkets. Do you have an online shop for the extras that you show in the store? I know the bedding is available but would love to shop your other items too!
    xx Ly

  2. seeing posts from you in my feedly is the best way to start the day! and in my dream world, i could hire you to design my new house in boston … your style is the best!

  3. Bailey, do you sleep?? Seriously….how do you get so much dneo in such a short time?? Gurl, you makea me feel old!! You are very inspirational. Keep on keeping on!!! The store looks great!!

  4. Have been unknowingly admiring your style via Pinterest for a few years, and only lately came across your blog. Recently I was on a business trip to Houston, driving down the street, when out of nowhere came that beautiful and very recognizable mural on the side of your building. I was so excited that I had to stop. I must say, you and your staff are doing a beautiful job of selecting and merchandising your space. A few recognizable pieces from some of my favorite lines, and then objects I’ve never seen before as well. Keep up all of the great and inspiring work!

  5. Bailey! Do you have details on that awesome green velvet tufted headboard? I really want this exact headboad in a different color. Love having you back xoxo

  6. Hi Lydia! We are actually in Houston but would love to have you down! Our online store has about 75% of the products we have in store, all the items mentioned today are linked at the bottom of the post but you can always email/call if you are having trouble finding anything!

  7. You need to bring that pretty bedding down the High Point next year so everyone can see it!

  8. Hi Hannah! We can do them in any color. If you call or email the store, someone would be happy to help! 713-942-9797 or store at xoxo

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