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Molly’s ORC, #ProjectLex Master Bedroom, #ProjectMovinOnUp, #ProjectPerfection, Scheming for #welcometotheshmamptons, #ProjectLex Den

Lot’s of new work in various states of done-ness.

Just wanted to say “hi” and thanks for the kindness.

I hope all is well with y’all.


34 thoughts on “OHay.

  1. Fun! I miss your blog SO much. It’s was (still is!) my favorite. There is no replacement. When is the new line of sheets coming out?

  2. Shane- Thank you! New line will be out early next year. We have been working hard on it, and lots of awesome changes in the store I will share soon! xo

  3. Love that green wall! And love seeing the words “Peppermint Bliss” in my inbox this morning! Xoxo to your beautiful family.

  4. Miss your regular posting, but hoping all is well with your family.
    Obsessively checking APoT blog to see updates on the bedroom redo. LOVE your style, girl!

  5. So excited you are back! I have been periodically checking to see if you post things are this made my day!

  6. It’s wonderful to have you back, if only for a day. You made the right decision, but it’s nice to see a little of your great creativity. Here’s hoping that your little ones are doing well.

  7. Miss your blog so much, I was so glad to see you on aPoT and even MORE excited to see you again here. I hope this means some occasional posting, looks like you have AMAZING things in the works! I also miss the biscuit updates, I find that I go to the site just to see whats new!

  8. ugh I love your style so much. Thanks for dropping off some gorgeous photos! (I need that droopy brass lamp.) i too am reading A Piece of Toast just to see what you are up to.

  9. So good to see what loveliness you have been up to. Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family!

  10. This is better than Christmas!!! Please please come back! Hope you and the fan are well. WE MISS YOU!!!!!!

  11. i’m just a lurker who wanted to comment that i was SOOOOO excited to see this post (and the work at APoT) … i miss your blog (so much!) and am hoping all is going well with the McCarthy family!

  12. I checked every few days to see if you had added anything. Hope all went better this summer and fall. Family issues can be tough! Best of luck with that AND the blog. Creativity will help you release stress!

  13. OMG, you’re back! I just had to delurk to tell you how much I’ve missed your posts. Hope you post again soon!

  14. Aaaaaahhhhh, you’re back! So great to see you posting again and glad to see your fabulous taste is still intact.

  15. Welcome back! You have been missed! So happy to see you and have a glimpse into your wonderful world (even though life can be really hard at times)! I love you new country mouse home and all the reasons you have it, you will make wonderful memories there!

  16. Hot damn! It’s nice to see you posting, lady! I’m mid-house-redo myself and I love popping by here for a smile and a dose of inspiration. Seriously. I never comment on blogs. Just wanted to say thank you. Hope you are well! 🙂

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