Welcome to the Shmamptons: Country Living!!!

The new issue of Country Living came out yesterday with a lovely feature on our Shmamptons house! I have really been enjoying the issues the new team at Country Living has been putting out recently. SO! When an editor I am quite fond of (having worked with her in the past) reached out to me in November asking if there was any way I could pretty please have the house ready for their April issue, I couldn’t say no. We were already pushing ourselves to have it furnished for the holidays, and this was just the motivation I needed to go ahead and get it finished. I am so glad we did-  we have been out there almost every weekend since then and it is so nice not having to look around and make mental notes on all of the outstanding projects. I can actually shut my brain off for the first time since I can remember, and relax with my family- who have incidentally informed me that I actually do still have a pleasing personality when I am not a crazy stress monster! Great news all around. 😉

I am so happy to share some snippets of our special place with all of you- it was a true pleasure working with the entire Country Living team and the photos by Roger Davies capture the place perfectly.

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To celebrate the feature, the Biscuit team put together a special Country Mouse Collection so that you can basically shop the story! Thank you all for the kind words thus far- I can’t wait to share some more shots and projects from the home over the next few weeks. xoxo!

30 thoughts on “Welcome to the Shmamptons: Country Living!!!

  1. Congratulations! The house looks amazing. You’ve done such a wonderful job.

    And the new biscuit bedding is gorgeous. Alas, I only have a double bed. It’s too bad you don’t make that size!

  2. Congrats! I love the new prints, especially Bloomsbury. Any plans to make them into wallpaper? I’d love the green colorway of Bloomsbury for my condo!

  3. Congrats on the feature. I am going to have to grab a copy just for this! Food for thought on a future blog post: I would love to see how Country Living styled the shots versus how you actually live in it. I always find those comparisons so interesting.

  4. Bailey! I have been following your blog for the past four years and absolutely love your style and personality and I admire you so much as a woman, wife and mother- creepy maybe, I know… Your Shmamptons house is an absolute dream. It has been great watching your process on this house. I am 100% envious of it! xx

  5. Simply stunning. Such a lovely country home! I’m sure it will hold many special memories for your family in the years to come! Just curious if you would mind sharing the trim color in the bathroom with the Nympheus wallpaper?

  6. Tanya- it’s from Ethan Allen their Apple Green. The green bedroom is Benjamin Moore Alligator Alley- which I use frequently!

  7. Got my Country LIving last week and literally squealed when I turned the page and instantly recognized the Schmamptons!! Beautiful- and you can feel the coziness through the pictures. Rock on.

  8. First of all, congratulations on a truly wonderful job. The house looks amazing.

    Secondly, those must be original studio frames on the Curtis photographs. If by some miracle they are reproductions, please share a source if at all possible.

  9. One of the things that makes you such a great and talented designer is that you don’t just have one look that you reincarnate slightly differently on each project. Your designs are always completely fitting of the people/project, and they are ever changing, evolving and full of wonderfully brilliant and surprising combinations. Once again, you have done a gorgeous job!!!!

  10. I am new to your blog- it’s lovely! My parents texted me after seeing your feature in the magazine. I live in Bellville too! Nice to meet you “neighbor”! I am loving your pink door!

  11. I love the gingham upholstery on the bed – would you please tell me what fabric you used?

  12. looking to paint my little girl’s room pink… pink is so hard! your color is perfect! love love love your house! will you share the color of pink room?

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