Marfa is back!

I had such a specific vision for our Marfa print in my head when we were planning our third season, and of all of our prints, Marfa turned out the truest to that vision. The Marfa has always been one of my favorites, and apparently it is one of your favorites too because we were completely sold out of it at the end of the year.


I love how diverse the Marfa is. I used it in Harry’s nursery, and the Coastal Living bunkroom. I have also used it in really dark, masculine bedrooms, and have seen it look amazing in really pure traditional spaces. We shot the Marfa in this apartment for our Fall lookbook, and it’s a great example of how your bedding can carry more than its fair share of the design weight and visual interest.


When I first started biscuit, part of the inspiration was my design work with clients who were renting and had restrictions on what we could do to fluff things up. Landlord mandated white walls, pre-installed blinds, builder-grade lighting, and less than ideal flooring situations meant that whatever we brought into the room had to work overtime to provide the visual interest I would normally achieve through paint, lighting, and flooring/window treatments.


I found in sourcing product that unless you were shopping the ultra-luxury end of the market, you more often than not had to choose either fabric quality or textile design. I have always been most inspired by designer textiles in my client work, delighted to find new patterns and sources for fabrics from the hundreds of fantastic trade options available across a variety of pricepoints- and I couldn’t understand why the same was not true with bedding. 5N2A4904

That realization was the birth of Biscuit. From there I began searching for American manufacturing partners, forming the proper business entities, developing print concepts, refining sewing patterns, quality testing, building the website, hiring and on and on and on down the list of a babillion things that go into starting and growing a company. Shooting this space took me back to that moment of realization, and it was really pleasing to see the real-life solution to that initial problem in action.


As far as rentals go- or really any dwelling option- this space is pretty dope. The moldings, and other built in architectural details are extremely attractive, the white walls are clean and bright, and they have wood flooring (!)  so they started way ahead of the game. But the room was also awkwardly and unusually large, and without a lot of stuff all that white felt cold. The couple didn’t want to buy more furniture and rugs to fill up the space knowing if they moved, they probably wouldn’t find another room so large and didn’t want the extra baggage.


They had some fun pieces the brighten things up, like vintage side tables in orange lacquer, a great rug, and a really pretty, simple white canopy bed, but wanted to bring some color onto the bedding to break up the sea of white. They chose the Marfa, and added a cheerful throw pillow, and I love how the print works with their existing pieces. So many times we rely on art and accessories to bring the interest in a room, and keep the bigger more permanent pieces neutral. But in this space you can see how the bedding works to tie their existing pieces together, and provides visual and design interest that otherwise would have had to be achieved with accent pieces they didn’t have, paint they couldn’t use, etc. There actually aren’t a lot of things in this room, but it still feels layered, colorful, happy, and comfortable.


So glad the Marfa is back in stock- and in our new packaging!! Not a bad start to the new year…

6 thoughts on “Marfa is back!

  1. We have a Biscuit crib sheet for our son’s nursery, and I have been really impressed with the quality. We wash his sheets frequently, and it has held up so well. Not to mention the fact it looks amazing in his room too! Just a quick thank you for designing such great bedding!

  2. What an inviting bed! The paintings on either side of the bed are lovely — Can you share the names of the artists?

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