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At the end of last year, my right-hand lady Valerie moved into a larger role at Biscuit, and since then I have found myself in real need of some assistance. So I am hiring again! When I hired Valerie almost 2 years ago to the day (spooooky) the job description was for a “design assistant”. Since then my role at Biscuit has evolved from primarily client-design work, to creative director. What that entails differs daily, and includes but is not limited to the following: product design & development, marketing, planning/sourcing/staging photoshoots, brand development etc. As my assistant, you will be working with me in all of these capacities, and since my responsibilities vary day to day it is important that you are able to help keep me organized and on track.

We are a small team and the business is growing rapidly, and while that requires some flexibility, it is also a great opportunity to learn about all aspects of the company and grow with us.


-Proficiency in photoshop and excel.

-Must be organized, detail oriented, and a self starter, part of your job will be wrangling me and keeping me on track.

-An interest in design & design media (shelter magazines/websites/blogs), social media, and

-A desire to be a part of a team. You will be hired to be my assistant- but you will also be joining a larger Biscuit team and you must be willing to help out with duties around the store and office when needed. That means being friendly, flexible, and knowledgable about our brand.

If you think you are up for the job, please send your resume, and cover letter to design[@]biscuit-home.com subject “Bailey Assistant Applicant: YOUR NAME

Applications must be received by TUESDAY MARCH 22, 2016!

This is a paid position, Monday-Friday 9:00 – 5:00

I look forward to hearing from some of y’all!

2 thoughts on “I’m hiring!

  1. A friend of mine sent this to me from NYC because we both know the perfect person for this job description. My name is Emma Lattouf and I am doing a residency in Houston at UT in full mouth rehab (I’m a dentist!) Anyways, my cousin, Jenan, is literally perfect for this job and has been looking for something exactly like this for the past 6 months. She currently works at Totale petrochemicals and has a degree in Accounting. She’s gorgeous, organized, smart, detail oriented. I can’t even begin to explain how perfect she would be and have just forwarded this info to her.I think it’s so perfect that I figured I would write on her behalf too because as a soon- to- be business owner I can guarantee you Jenan is the type of person I would want as my right hand/ organization keeper. She already is for my personal life. I know it’s weird e-mailing on her behalf but it’s too perfect not to.

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