In white houses…

Like many people, I have a thing for white houses. The first childhood home that I remember was a traditional white brick house, and I think I must have imprinted on it or something because nothing captures my heart to this day like a charming white house. My ultimate, ultimate favorite is a house by architect John Staub who designed many Houston houses through the 1920s & 30s. I actually wrote a paper on his work in college. I should go see if I still have that somewhere. What a treasure that would be! My first design-blog post, if you will.

Anyway, the cover of the most recent book on his work (which is fantastic if you are in to traditional architecture) features my favorite- and I know many Houstonians favorite- of his homes.

Country Houses of John Staub

It’s my favorite of all the homes, in all the world actually. I grew up roller blading past it and even as a little kid knew how special it was. Many times I tried to get up the courage to leave a note in the mailbox introducing myself and asking for a tour, but never did. My love for the home is well-known amongst my friends and family and so when it was announced it would be a stop on this years Azalea Trail (an annual tour put on by the garden club where certain homes are open to the public- a Miles Redd house was on it a few years back which was a real treat) I was inundated with texts and calls from people reminding me I had to go see it.

There weren’t pictures allowed inside- and honestly I was in such a dream haze I forgot to take many elsewhere either. This was pretty much all I got-


It was even better than I had dreamed. Original wallpaper and finishes throughout, perfectly maintained interiors that were sparingly updated versions of how the home was originally decorated 75 years ago. There is a large vegetable garden in the back where I am pretty sure the whole Beatrix Potter gang resides.

I haven’t stopped thinking about it, so naturally I went on a pinning spree. So please, on this lovely spring Tuesday, enjoy a virtual tour of a few of my personal favorite big ol’ white houses.

GP Schafer GP Schafer 



RIchard Skinner & Associates

Richard Skinner & Associates



bunny williams house 1

Bunny Williams11c2c0b318d459adc46cc23e9ea207e9

Ferg & ShmamFerguson & Shamamian

Delightful, no?

6 thoughts on “In white houses…

  1. A White house with black shutters is my dream home. I love many styles out there, but I’m always drawn back to the white houses.

  2. I hope you can hear a slow clap wherever you are! Thank you for making classic architecture cool.

    My father was a military kid, who eventually landed in Houston, in the late 60’s. There, he attended Lamar HS, where he met his best friend, the late Billy Wareing. Staub was Billy’s grandfather and from this relationship, a love of architecture was fostered in him. My dad’s professional career has been focused on healthcare architecture for over 40 years now, but when it came time to design and build our Dallas family home, he looked to the works of Staub for inspiration. The home he built looks very much like the home Staub had built for his wife in the 1920’s (I believe it was/is on Del Monte?) and the style is reflective of New England style architecture found in Deerfield, Mass.

    I applaud you for putting the spotlight on grand old homes. Unfortunately, I feel that the culture of homebuilding and residential real estate today does not place much value on classic architecture. It is as though any home built prior to 2001, is deemed disposable! Driving through some of Dallas’ most affluent and established neighborhoods, it is sad to see all of these old Georgian and New England style homes being dozed, and poorly built contemporary homes going up in their place. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good modern home as much as the next girl, but they loose their authenticity when there are four of them going up on the block.

    Thank you for being a trend-setter and a tastemaker, and showing us that old homes need not be destroyed, but that new life can be breathed into them!

  3. I’m 100% with you on white houses. I love them and I think it’s a childhood thing with me too. Big, old white lowcountry houses are part of my Charleston SC childhood. I would loooove to paint my brick house white!!

  4. This is my favorite house of all time also! It’s why I bought a home that looks very similar to that main part and built in the ’40’s, but obviously not a John Staub!! But I wanted to say that I did see online the interior of this home somewhere about a year ago and now I cannot find that site and I’m so irritated! I loved it! I had it saved as a favorite but lost it due to a crash! I have looked and looked and cannot find – it was just on one site and I couldn’t believe I had found it! This is my favorite of his homes, both exterior and interior.

  5. Hi Bailey! This is also my favorite house in Houston After we moved to Houston and rode by this house for the first time I just about screamed, “stop the car!” the first time I saw it.

    I was thrilled to learn this house was on the Azalea Trail and couldn’t wait to see the inside. I’m an Azalea Trail novice and didn’t know pictures weren’t allowed inside and no one told me. I have some of this home and will always treasure them. Happy to email them to you for inspiration; the dining room is a total dream!!!

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