Allow me to reintroduce ourselves…

Hi! Hi! Hi!

How are y’all?

I’m great. I have so much to report I don’t really know where to start.

False. To start?

Biscuit has a whole new website! I am not talking like a fresh new theme, I am talking a whole built just for us gorgeous showcase for our line. We have been working towards this launch, in one manner or another, for well over a year. Hanna, who y’all may know as the delightful Gadabout, came on the team last year and created this beautiful site that at once embodies our brand, and pushes us site 3

It was important to us that the site stayed true to our roots, and provide a showcase for our bedding first and foremost. You can now peruse by print, piece, and even through some of the rooms we shot for our lookbook! Plus…there may or may not be a couple of new prints…but we know many of you have been patiently waiting so we didn’t want to hold out y’all any more than necessary.

New Site

I would love for you all to go check it out and let me know what you think! I would also highly recommend you sign up for our newsletter- to be in the know, ya know? Our hope is that this makeover offers you a fresh perspective on how to build your own dream home with Biscuit. We are working hard to not only to expand our line, but to bring you complementary products we love, and content that is valuable and entertaining even if you aren’t coming to shop.

7 thoughts on “Allow me to reintroduce ourselves…

  1. Beautiful site! Are you going to bring back the little melamine trays in the bedding prints? I have two in the Marfa and Harold designs, and they are perfectly sized and so convenient! I love that they are lightweight and indestructible – I’ve accidentally knocked the one on my bedside table to the ground more than once!

  2. YAY!!! Welcome back! You have been missed! I have GOT to plan a road trip this summer so I can see the shop!

  3. So excited for a new post! 🙂
    I’ll go check out the new site right now.


  4. Ok just clicked and literally said “whoa” out loud! IT IS GORGEOUS!!!

    I am going to order something for my new house.

  5. hi mel! Thanks so much- we don’t have plans for them right now but will keep them in mind! xo

  6. The website looks amazing. I miss the sheets and duvets with the one color stripe – Matouk Lowell like. Will they come back?

  7. Hi Shannon- Those exact ones will not be coming back, but we are developing other similar styles! xo

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