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We are finally at the fine-tuning stage of decorating our house. The majority of the big things are set, and I am enjoying playing around creating pretty little moments. Truth be told, I am not normally about the details. I am a terrible shelf stylist, and I can’t hang a gallery wall for the love of Pinterest.


But, in the past few years I have collected some meaningful treasures and pictures of my loved ones, and I am enjoying displaying them throughout the house more properly than I have in the past. Part of that is because we have more breathing room here. Our old entry was purely utilitarian- more of a mud room. Here, we have a mud room at the back so I wanted our entry to feel lovely and inviting- a reverse mullet if you will. Business in the back, party in the front!


We just started carrying one of my favorite lines, Match, at Biscuit and I mixed some of their pieces in with our entry vignette for a Mother’s Day edit. We only used one of the images for the site, but I liked the others so well, I thought they were worth sharing here. If you already got this email from us, I apologize, but this is what I had written for the newsletter:


“My Grandmother spent her entire first paycheck on a pewter candy dish. Growing up, I remember visiting her house and sneaking Krackles and Mr. Goodbar’s from that oyster shell-shaped container on a side table by their front door.

She gave the candy dish to me when I made my debut, and it now sits on the entry hall table in our home- always fully stocked. I love how seamlessly it blends with my more recent pewter purchases- good craftsmanship is truly timeless. While I will probably not pass down the same financial advice, I will give this sweet family heirloom to my daughter Grace one day.”


The pewter dish in the pictures is, probably obviously, the one I was referring to in the newsletter. My Grandmother gave it to me as a present for making my debut back when I was in college, told me the story behind its acquisition, and I cried like the tender mushy heart I am. But I was in college, without an appropriate place to display such a treasure, so it went into a box stored for safe storage at my Moms house. It’s so special to me to have the dish out on display now.


I love the way it works with my new pewter frames- which, brings me to something I have to ask from all of you:

Where do y’all get your pictures printed? I have been derelict in printing since the invention of Instagram. I looked around the other day and realized the only framed pictures of the kids I had were gifts! Shameful. But! When I went to go print some, all of my old photo stores were gone!

Are there any online resources y’all like for printing photos and/or putting albums together?

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  1. I just do Snapfish. I can do it from my phone, choose matte & checkout in a couple of minutes. Super, super easy. I also love that I can print out my Instagram photos, since that’s where the vast majority of my candid photo moments are. Artifact Uprising has been my go-to for small photo books, and they print photos also. The books are great, so I assume the photos would be, too.

  2. So beautiful! My photographer recommended Mpix and I was very pleased with my recent order!

  3. I also used Mpix after a photographer recommended them–and I was impressed with the quality. The downer is they don’t store your photos you upload to their website for very long…

  4. Ditto Mpix. It was recommended by my photographer as well and the results are great.

  5. If you want an image printed and framed you can’t beat Framebridge. I am so impressed with their print quality and their framing. I have had images from my iPhone blown and framed by them and you would swear they were taken with my large format camera. I can’t say enough good things and recommend them to all my friends. I will have to check out Mpix after all these recommendations!

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