Country Mouse Dream House :: Rita Konig etc.

In my searchings for country house inspiration, I have found it’s difficult to find places that achieve “country” without relying on kitschy. Unsurprisingly, Rita Konig got it exactly right on her Mill Valley project in Elle Decor a few months ago…







It’s more english-country than Texas-country but it’s layered, casual, comfortable, chic and effortless and I love it so hard.

In that same vein, Badgley Mischka’s farm has been a long-time favorite. Fancy English Country and not exactly what I am going for, but I’m not mad at it one bit.








Shot by Roger Davies who shot our farm for Country Living last year. He is fantastic. If you want to look at some beautiful images of homes and lots of things, poke around his portfolio for a bit.

Finally, I need to see more Kathryn Windley’s home that was in Country Living awhile back.Katherine Windley Country Living by Mikkel Vang

new york exposed-beams-living-room-simple-new-york-retreat-0412-xln

new york sideboard-oil-landscape-painting-simple-new-york-retreat-0412-xln

new york white-barn-garage-simple-new-york-retreat-0412-xln

That’s all I can find on the matter, and it’s a real tease. I need to see more.

I also want to see more Texas farmhouse. It’s been hard to find. I like my country with some context, a sense of place if you will. There are endless supplies of east coast country inspiration, which I love, but we are decidedly Texan and it’s really hot here and I feel like that changes things a bit. Or it should. But everything I find that has a more western flavor tends to go really hard in that direction, which isn’t exactly the goal either. So if any of you have some good Texas farm inspiration, please do share!

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  1. I agree 1000%! I am seeking a French hunting lodge/English farmhouse/Texas country mashup, but it is impossible to find. I’m eager to see what your research turns up and hope to see some pins on Pinterest!

  2. Bailey,

    I am not sure if you remember me, but we went to high school together. I live in Virginia now in what we call the “Treehouse” (because our house is built into a hill, such that our views and decks open up to the tree canopy above a valley), but we are surrounded by beautiful country farms and homes of the type you are searching for. One of our former neighbors built a magnificent farm just 20 minutes from our home and a few of the people that work for my husband also own farms of the type you describe here. However, just down the street from the Treehouse is a magnificent farm. It is not open to the public, but every day on my way to work I drive past the cows and horses grazing in the pasture, often with the morning mist still suspended in the air. Some of my neighbors say that sometimes there can be a zebra mixed in, as the owners are big into exotic animal rescue, but I have yet to see this. Whether riverfront farms, traditional tree-lined horse farms, or cow farms, Virginia’s countryside is magnificent and full of gorgeous viewsheds, right outside our doorstep. There is even an Alpaca farm and a sheep farm nearby! These farms have historical significance too, dating back to the founding of this country. If you do decide to take a roadtrip around here, feel free to contact me. You are more than welcome to stay at our Treehouse anytime. There are also beautiful country bed and breakfasts in northern Virginia (1.5-2hrs away) and Charlottesville (45 mins away) that I would love to share with you. I love your work and Biscuit Home. We have just finished remodeling our Treehouse and have enjoyed the process of making the home our very own. There are plenty of photos on my Instagram account if you’d like to see: APKlaiber. I have a few pictures of the cows grazing and my ride to work on the account as well. I wish you all the best in country home endeavor!

  3. Maybe not entirely your same jam, but have you seen Furlow Gatewood’s spread? He has 4 houses on his Georgia compound and it’s definitely hot there too….

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