Texas Tailgate

There is finally, FINALLY a chill in the air this week here in Houston. I am not getting my hopes up as Houston weather is known to tease you with seasonality, and then turn around and slap you with a 90 degree day in October. But I will take what I can get. Even though we don’t get much of a true fall down here in the south, it is still my favorite season- even though it does mean an above average amount of ESPN at our house.

Pete loves college football, and is a rabid Cubs fan, so this fall in particular has been all about the SPORTS. I am embracing it in my own way. Like with a festive tailgate!



I’m kind of hoping this Texas Tailgate edit we put together for Biscuit will make up for my poor sports attendance in college. When we were planning this shoot I tried to find pictures from my UT Tailgating days as inspiration, and what I found is that maybe I didn’t actually go to many games? I know I dressed in a lot of burnt orange, and spent time around many other people wearing burnt orange, but proof of actual game attendance is scarce.

I did find this gem. Babies!! And Pete’s shaved head! Is our skin also burnt orange? Or is that the reflective glow of our surroundings? Maybe both? Yikes.

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