Before & After: Grace’s Room

Trevor Tondro for House Beautiful

Since we did Harry’s room for our last Before & After, I thought I should follow with Grace’s room. We were nervous about how Grace would take the move- she has an extremely sunny disposition but is also sensitive and you never know how tiny people will react to change. After reading a tip on transitioning toddler’s to a new home, we let Grace “pick” which bedroom would be hers and help me decorate it. 

We looked through my pinterest and Grace chose a few inspiration images. She had a mini-canopy at our old house but wanted a full canopy this time. Originally I wanted to use this awesome fabric from Pierre Frey, I actually found an initial inspiration board I put together. 


Then one day Grace was visiting me at work and saw this Designer’s Guild fabric and girlie fell in LOVE, so we changed things up. The colors in the fabric were similar to our original palette, so we didn’t have to start all over. I have been crushing hard on the powder blue that is in the fabric, and Farrow & Ball has the most perfect shade called Lulworth Blue. 

Grace Room Before

At first, we were just going to paint the walls, but every other room has some wallpaper or special finish and so we decided to do the paneling which I LOVE! 
Grace Room Now
After Grace picked a few things for the room- I wanted the rest of it to be a surprise. The first time Grace saw her finished room she walked around touching everything and saying how pretty it all was, and then turned to me and goes, “I love EVERYTHING! It’s so pretty! But Mommy. Can I tell you something? Blue is not my favorite color.” [insert cry laughing emoji]

Dumb bunny Mommy, I should have known! We told her that it was actually “Elsa Blue” which helped, and luckily the pink rug, bed, and other accessories won her over which is good because I think hers is my favorite room in the house. It’s over-the-top girly without some of the typical girly touches, and I love how her toys and special things work into the room.

I am going to have the house shot for my own purposes soon, so I will show you more angles throughout the house and slightly less magazine-perfect/more real life staging, but I am MOST excited to show y’all what we did to her tiny little bathroom because that is truly my favorite decorating moment ever.

I hope everyone has a great weekend- we are going to be celebrating HarrBears 3rd Birthday! Next week we have more before & afters including the Library which is just bonkers. xoxo

4 thoughts on “Before & After: Grace’s Room

  1. I love the room now that I can see a pulled back view- the magazine shot was so tight that it seemed more color-blocked with a pink ‘bottom’ and a blue ‘top’. This shows so much better how it works together and I love it (much like Grace, I get a bit googly-eyed over all those pretty DG florals).

  2. I love this room…I want to eat it with a spoon! Yummy colors and textures. You have such a gift, thank you for sharing. More, please!

  3. This is SO pretty! I love the combination of the floral canopy fabric and blue walls. So beautifully balanced with the pink, too.

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