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Our kitchen shot by Trevor Tondro in the February 2017 issue of House Beautiful.

The biggest change we made during our renovation upstairs was in the configuration of the master bedroom suite. I don’t much care about a big bedroom- as long as I can fit a king sized bed, the smaller the better really. But I ADORE a spacious bathroom. While I loved what a jewel box our smallish master bath was at our old house, if at all possible this time I wanted a little more space and privacy.

The master bedroom suite is in the 1960’s addition portion of the house- and the best part was the wall of giant, floor to ceiling windows which we have on both floors- but the way it was configured before wasn’t taking advantage of all of that wonderful light. As you can see from the House Beautiful shot- our mission was making the most of the windows (which we replaced- more on that in another post).

Master Bath Before

Off of the master bedroom was a long corridor with several closets and two full separate bathrooms off of it. At the end, the corridor connected to a small office, which was then opened to what we turned back into a guest-bedroom but had been used as an exercise room. It wasn’t immediately obvious what actually would be possible since the space was so divided up and maze-like. 

Our wish-list for the space included two private water closets, separate bath and shower, and if possible separate washstands. Als0- a spacious walk in closet though we didn’t care if we had to share. After closing off access to the former exercise room/now guest bedroom, we gutted the rest of it so we could see what we were working with. 

What we found was SPACE glorious SPACE. Once it was opened up, the light just poured in and immediately made me think of this gold-leaf glass tile from Ann Sacks I had obsessed over when we were working with them on the Coastal Living Showhouse. When I brought the sample to one of our meetings with Curtis & Windham they were unfailingly polite, as always, but had some understandable concerns about how Liberace this was going to be. (and yes, I know there is another more troubling possible gold-tile connotation but this is my happy place and I’m not going there)  

I had spec’d calacatta gold marble for the floor and shower walls. Their suggestion-which was brilliant as always- was to temper the affect of all that bling by bringing the marble up the walls as a wainscoting. I love how the marble wainscoting, gold tile surround, windows, and floating bath all make the room feel so solid and architectural.

Master Bath Now

I know to some the gold might be tacky- but in the words of Diana Vreeland:

“A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste—it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I’m against.”

And besides, I love it. 

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10 thoughts on “Before & After :: Master Bath

  1. I love it. I feel like you’re my spirit animal. Thanks for the before and after. Your work is amazing! ?

  2. I love it. I cant look away. Can you talk about your windows please. 3 double hung, am I correct? with a chain pull…can you elaborate n these, I’ve never seen them before. Thank you very much. I love your spirit and love affair with color.

  3. Hi again, more questions please bc I keep studying these beautiful pictures. Did you paint the exterior brick of your house? Also, how do you prevent slipping on floor? Do you keep little bath mats on tub and in front of sinks? Thinking out loud. Thanks again, Claire

  4. I promise last question, what window treatments do you use, if any? I see on the window some type of molding on top, is that a pull down shade in disguise? Thanks Bailey, just in awe. Love it all. Thanks for your time, Claire in CT

  5. Beautiful! It has been so fun to watch you grow as a designer. You continue to outdo yourself on each new project. I can’t wait until you talk about your study and bar! What color is your study? It’s perfect. HB doesn’t list paint color for that room.

  6. Hi Claire! I’m sorry it took me a minute to respond! There are electronic shades within the moulding that come down. The exterior of the house is painted brick, and yes we have a few bathmats. The floors are honed which helps, but they are definitely a little slippery and we have to be diligent about tracking water. The windows were the recommendation of our architect, and are one of my favorite features! I will talk about them more when I post on the library. xoxoxo

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