Biscuit Kids Pajamas!

We have been wanting to add kids pajamas to our Biscuit line forever- so when we finally got our samples in last month I couldn’t WAIT to get them on my McBabies to try them out. 

Cactus Print Kids Cute Pajamas

It took a long time and a lot of effort by many different people to get these where we wanted them- and I could not be happier not only with how our prints look, but also with the quality and how soft they are. 

Constellation Star Print Kids Cute Pajamas

Right now we are offering three prints- our Marfa cactus print,  Austin splatter paint in pink, and our Harold constellation/star print with a red trim. They run **true to size** and we currently have the pajamas in sizes 2-6, and swaddle baby blankets in each print as well.

Pink Splatter Paint Kids Cute Pajamas

**True to Size** meaning my 5 1/2 year old daughter who is smallish for her age and wears a 5 in GAP kids is in a 5, and my son who just turned 3 and is a little bigger for his age is in a 3, but I will probably buy him a 4 when our next prints come out.

We are adding more sizes and styles soon- and more prints throughout the year! And yes- we will have coordinating pjs for adults as well! I really love the pajamas, but I really REALLY love how much my kids have loved them and seeing all of the cute pictures of our precious little friends loving them as well. You can shop our line here– and I am also including linked images to each piece below. marfa_pajmas_19e4ca79-1de8-40b9-ab7e-ac57474f00ee

Maria Cactus Print Kids Pajamas: Shop HereIMG_3227_2 Marfa Cactus Print Baby Swaddle Blanket: Shop Hereharold_pajamas_7ce57286-ed71-47dc-84a6-fffee046f416 Harold Constellation Print Kids Pajamas: Shop Hereharold_swaddle Harold Constellation Print Baby Swaddle Blanket: Shop Hereaustin_pink_pjs Austin Pink Splatter Paint Print Kids Pajamas: Shop Hereaustin_swaddle

Austin Pink Splatter Paint Baby Swaddle Blanket: Shop Here

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