Detailing the Design: Our Breakfast Room

I touched on our breakfast room design when I wrote about the kitchen renovation here, and now after receiving the pictures from our shoot with Roger Davies, I think the space deserves its own dedicated post.

As a refresh- here is the before & after I showed in my previous kitchen post showing the view from the kitchen into the breakfast room. 

This was the only part of our renovation where we adjusted the existing footprint of the house. As you can see above, the back door to the house used to be in line with the current breakfast room window- with a laundry room off to the right behind the refrigerator. We moved the laundry room upstairs, and bumped that back wall out a few feet making space for a breakfast room and “mud room”. 

This is the view of the breakfast room taken from the playroom looking towards the mud room- the doorway to the kitchen is on the right and the window is to the left. The configuration of how these spaces flow together works really well for our family. 

It’s visibility also made decorating it a little tricky since our playroom is really bright and colorful (the walls are crayola-yellow) and our kitchen is darker and more subdued. I chose to paint the walls a high-gloss black to tie into the kitchen, and then bring in color with the tobacco-leaf fabric on the chairs. 

Built in niches store our china which is a collection of things we registered for, as well as pieces passed down from our family. TBH, up until recently I kept the bottom shelves empty or with one large sturdy silver serving piece to protect items from naughty grabby paws. 

We switched out the top on our old saarinen table for marble, and I am so pleased with how well this pretty space holds up to the life lived in it. The table especially takes its fair share of abuse- we eat here as a family every day (we scotch-guarded the seats on the chairs) do art projects, and though I am trying to break the bad habit I also tend to toss my flotsam on it every day when I walk in the back door.

Images by Roger Davies for Bailey McCarthy

5 thoughts on “Detailing the Design: Our Breakfast Room

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely home. it has given me so much inspiration to use more color.

  2. I noticed that the ceiling is blue and you have a blue mudroom. I am wondering how those two paint colors are related? I love a blue ceiling and in my current house which is in the final stages of a complete renovation, I have found myself wondering about how to manage this situation, i.e. Do you choose one blue paint and just lighten it for the ceiling?

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