Detailing the Design: Harry’s Bathroom

Image by Roger Davies for Biscuit Home

Today I have a before & after of a room I don’t think I have shown at all yet- Harry’s bathroom! When we bought the house, there was a jack-and-jill bathroom connecting two of the bedrooms- each of which had a small separate closet- and there was a third hallway closet all within that same space. The bathroom needed updating, but was fine size-wise, and we didn’t mind having a shared bath between the two bedrooms, but we desperately needed more closet space. 

We got rid of the hall closet so we could add that space to the mix, and reconfigured the access for both bedrooms through a shared closet which improved the flow and functionality since we could now have a private potty, as well as a bit more closet space for both rooms.

The only other issue was what to do about the window- we wanted the option of having it open/natural light in the space, but it made it really tricky to place all of the bathroom fixtures. Our architects, Curtis & Windham, came up with the idea of having a pocket mirror that could be pulled in and out as needed. The backside of the window has faux shutters so when it is closed it just looks like the window has shutters. 

I decided to tile the whole space including the walls to help it flow and feel a little bigger, and also for practicality since Harry has a robust bath time routine that usually leads to a lot of water displacement. I love how graphic and clean this green glass tile from Waterworks looks. It is so cute with Harry’s bath accessories now, and I think it will transition well with him as he grows. 

Let me know if y’all have any questions, and I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! 

2 thoughts on “Detailing the Design: Harry’s Bathroom

  1. Oh my goodness, what an ingenious idea for the mirror! I drool over your house and designs, you’re such a marvel!

  2. Hi! We are renovating a house and we have this issue in our boys bathroom. Does the mirror fold or slide between the sheetrock like a true “pocket door?”

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