Deck the halls…

Speaking of our living room- it’s almost time for me to start pulling out our Christmas decorations! Our living room never looks better than when donning its Christmas finery. I really need to figure out how to carry some of that magic into the room year round.

When moved into our house a few years ago Pete demanded (nicely) that we be a fake-tree household. I put up a good fight for years, but I am not a responsible real-tree caretaker, and after our last real-tree died a full two weeks before Christmas I gave in. I was afraid the fake tree would feel sad, and well, fake, so I decided to embrace the fake-life and flock the thing

I also imposed some McChristmas Brand Standards on our ornaments. I never thought I would be the type of person to curate a Christmas color story- I was always much more throw it all on there and it’ll be a beautiful mess! But life is weird, and here I am. I have a fake, flocked tree that I only allow pastel and/or vintage ornaments on. 

For those of you thinking I am zero fun at all, you might be right on this one, but in my defense the kids both have little real trees in their rooms where all of our bright, colorful, handmade ornaments live in happy harmony. 

But anyway, my self imposed regulations do sometimes mean I have to pass on some of the fun new ornaments that come out every year. I spend a lot of time sorting through Etsy to try and find some special vintage treasures to add to our collection every year, but it’s really hit or miss. Luckily this year Biscuit has a slew of super cute ornaments that while not vintage, fit into our color scheme! 

Here are some of my favorites:

All of those, plus tons of other Christmas gems are available at Biscuit now- but hurry we are selling out of them fast!


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  1. Can we get details on the painting next to the tree in the first picture? Looks like it might be of candy?

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