Detailing the Design: Grace’s Bedroom

I pretty much covered the process behind Grace’s bedroom design in here, but these pictures from our shoot with Roger Davies are so pretty they deserve their own post. Plus, for anyone interested in these sorts of things we have changed things up a bit since our House Beautiful shoot. Like, we moved the bookshelf to the corner closer to her bed- which actually you couldn’t even see in the HB angle but nevertheless, there she is. 

The detail on this canopy is so dreamy. I sometimes nap in here with Gigi and it is just the most magical, cozy situation.

Grace’s bedding rotates between her eponymous print (which we used for the HB shoot), the Austin Pink, and most recently- our new Leighton print. 

The colors in the Leighton work so perfectly in here, it almost seems like it was designed for the space!

A new view of the room- the wall opposite Gigi’s bed with her dresser and art by Ashley Longshore. I have posted about our Audrey before- it was the first piece of real art I bought and how I met Ashley over 10 years ago! It’s so special to have it in G’s room, and I plan on giving it to her one day when she moves into her own home. 

Images by Roger Davies for Biscuit Home


Bedding: Biscuit Home Periwinkle Pique Coverlet // Periwinkle Pique Euros // Leighton Sheets // Leighton Standard Shams // Leighton Duvet

Canopy : Designer’s Guild Seraphina in Delft // Trim Samuel & Sons Le Musee

Window Shades: Scalamandre Dynasty Taffeta in Blue Opal // Trim Samuel & Sons Le Musee

Side Tables: Vintage/ Antique

Lamps: Custom Made

Walls: Paneled wood in Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue

Dresser: Vintage/Antique

Dresser Lamps

Art: Ashley Longshore

Rug: Pretty in Pink with Strie from Creative Flooring Resources

Bookshelf: Newport Cottages

Chair: Custom in Jane Churchill Pink Stripe

6 thoughts on “Detailing the Design: Grace’s Bedroom

  1. beautiful room! where is her actual bed frame from? been struggling to find a reasonable source where I can pick my own color choices that aren’t a bright neon pink!! ahhhhh!!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Can I ask if/how you are dealing with the cords for the shades? I’m guessing little girl is over the hill of that potentially being dangerous, but just curious if you had a thought since we are about to do a big boy room for my almost 2 year old. Gracias!!

  3. Hi Allison-

    I think G is old enough now, but with Harry running around I am still very cautious. We have automatic roller shades hidden behind the roman shades and I keep the cord for the roman shades pinned up near the top. It’s also a pain putting each shade up and down every morning & evening so the roller shades are nice for safety and convenience. The roman shades are still operable- but for this phase of life we are just using the rollers.

  4. So smart! Also at this stage in life the blackout aspect can add many precious minutes to those early Saturday mornings. Thank you for the thoughts!

  5. This room is a dream! Do you mind me asking what color the ceiling is? It looks like a gorgeous pale pink. Is her bookcase painted pale pink as well?

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