Currently: Our Master Bedroom

Design by Bailey McCarthy // Photo by Trevor Tondro for House Beautiful

I never posted a before & after, or an in-depth post about our bedroom design- partly because I don’t have very good “before” pictures of the space (you can see a little bit in this post on the master bath) but also because it never felt fully done to me.

Doing our house was a huge project that was happening at a particularly hectic time for us, so I initially prioritized the kids rooms and public spaces thinking I would have time to consider rooms further down the list once everything else was complete.

Welllllll, 3+ years later I am still tinkering with those rooms (you can see my library progress post here– I owe y’all an update on that one) and it’s starting to drive me crazy having so many little projects incomplete, so I have given myself a hard deadline to get everything wrapped up this summer. 

So! Let’s revisit our master bedroom, shall we? The original plan was for something monochromatic, darker, and more masculine since the rest of our house is so bright and colorful. We recovered our bed from our old house in a taupe linen that has a slight sparkle woven in. The walls are done in an olive green silk, with matching curtains, and ombre sheers I put in for privacy.

Everything in the space- including the olive green murano chandelier, stays in this neutral palette letting the art really pop off.  While I still love the dark neutrals and plays on texture in the room, the layout and scale of some of the furniture has always been off and it never really came together the way I wanted it to. 

Above and Below Images by Roger Davies

Roger Davies came and shot our house a few months after the House Beautiful shoot, and you can see from his pictures that we switched out our two leopard velvet armchairs for a loveseat- don’t worry the chairs found a good home in a room elsewhere!

We changed them out to help with the flow of the room which can be a little tricky. It is long and narrow, with a fireplace and access to our master bath on the wall facing the bed- the bedroom door is just cut off the frame to your right in this picture. Seating has to be comfortably spaced from the fireplace & TV, but also allow for flow from the bedroom door to the bathroom. 

I am switching out the side tables- the room is only 12 feet wide, so fitting a king size bed and side tables with adequate storage was always going to be tricky, made trickier by my not taking into account the projection of the base moulding. Everything is crammed way too tight together, so we are replacing the side tables with something that will give us a little more breathing room. We are also reupholstering the bed in an olive velvet, and moving the art to a different room. I haven’t decided if I am going to hang something else above the bed, and I think we will live with it for a bit before deciding…

I’m actually looking forward to switching things up, especially because we have had our Bloomsbury Green bedding since we moved in, and while we still love it I am excited to play with some more Biscuit prints!



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  1. I cannot wait to see the next phase. Hope you will
    show us. I love the olive headboard idea. You are such a talent!!!

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