Before & After :: Library

It’s hard to choose- but I am pretty sure this “before & after” space is my favorite transformation in our whole house renovation. For many reasons. As I mentioned before, originally when we started looking for a new home we had our heart set on something modern. When we saw this house- I actually kind of loved that the 1960s addition on the back was modern even though it didn’t necessarily vibe with the 1930s colonial original portion of the house. After we got the house and began working on our plans for the remodel with Curtis & Windham, I had no idea what to do with this space. We already had a formal living room, as well as a family room, and I couldn’t really imagine a purpose for this large bonus space.

Biscuit Linen Line

At the end of this year Biscuit will be celebrating its 5 Year Anniversary (!!!) and we are using that milestone as motivation to make this our best year ever. So- if you’re into our sort of thing, consider yourself on notice.

Our first newness coming your way in 2017? Our Linen line! We have been working on expanding our Biscuit bedding line to offer coordinating accent pieces for our prints. Our pique collection came out at the end of last year, and now we have two styles of Linen accent pillows to throw into your Biscuit mix. I’ll be showing you some new ways to put it all together along the way, but in the meantime if you haven’t sign up for our newsletter to stay up on the newest launches, events, and promotions. 

Biscuit Favorites

Before & After: Grace’s Room

Since we did Harry’s room for our last Before & After, I thought I should follow with Grace’s room. We were nervous about how Grace would take the move- she has an extremely sunny disposition but is also sensitive and you never know how tiny people will react to change. After reading a tip on transitioning toddler’s to a new home, we let Grace “pick” which bedroom would be hers and help me decorate it.

Before & After :: Harry’s Big Boy Room

Besides the master suite, we didn’t do much to the layout of the second floor. When picking bedrooms for the kids, I let Grace choose hers- probably my favorite room filled with light and its own tiny bathroom. Two additional bedrooms share a Jack and Jill bath, so we designed a space for Harry in one, and moved our nursery furniture into the other where Harry slept until he was ready to move on up.

Before & After :: Master Bath

The biggest change we made during our renovation upstairs was in the configuration of the master bedroom suite. I don’t much care about a big bedroom- as long as I can fit a king sized bed, the smaller the better really. But I ADORE a spacious bathroom. While I loved what a jewel box our smallish master bath was at our old house, if at all possible this time I wanted a little more space and privacy.

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